Posted by: madkentdragon | July 7, 2018

DWP – The Enemy of the People??

I’ve read over the last year or so how the DWP have been restricting help to those who should receive it.

Well, I’m not quite in that position, but it certainly gave me an insight into the workings of the said department.

In January, my estranged husband passed away, as we were not divorced and his “lady friend”, when finding out that there was no insurance, handed the costs n to me – she hadn’t even registered his death!

Enough about that, because I am a pensioner with a small company pension as well, I applied for a funeral grant (I did receive some housing benefit, so didn’t think this was a problem) – after completing a forest of paperwork, it was agreed that the balance of the funeral costs would be met by them. Just a reminder that – if you have paid a deposit – you do not get reimbursed!

Then I was informed that I would be entitled to a “widow’s portion” of his NI pension, lovely”

I thought it best to notify my local council that I had this extra money and they reduced the benefits accordingly. No problem – but having received the back pay, the DWP asked for their grant back – except they now called it a loan! Ah well, the government give with one hand and then take with the other!

Five months after the death, his company pension notified me that I was entitled to a portion of his pension and a month later my bank balance looked healthy again.

Unfortunately, the RBL (we had both worked there) did not send a letter outlining the various sums that were banked for me – all I had was the pension slip which contained 3 separate amounts

  • 5 months back pay of his pension
  • My pension
  • The portion of his pension that was allotted to me.

So, I dutifully sent the council a letter outlining the facts, and of course the pension slip.

Now this is where I discovered that the civil servant who had invented this scheme had an IQ lower than his over-inflated hourly rate.

The council, as they explained to me, had to follow the rules this person had set out – with no deviation. This meant that the back pay was included into the “weekly” pay – Oh yes, I was certainly going to receive monthly back pay as a regular amount – I wish!

The council wrote to me – yes, I would not get any more benefit and I would have to repay monies received since the end of January, this was based on this payslip – not my normal monthly amount!

They were very apologetic and understood where I was coming from but were unable to help. However, they did give me the DWP phone number to ring and ask for help in sorting this mess out.

Let’s put it this way – the DWP were of less use than a chocolate teapot – well you could at least eat the chocolate! And for some unknown reason, after taking my name etc, their computer system went down! Not going to say anything, but I swear I saw some pigs flying!

The council were very helpful when I rang again and asked if it could wait a month and then we could revert to plan “B” where I could send the payslip with the correct amount – they were happy for me to do that and I’m now waiting for the result.

If I owe, I’ll pay – but I do want the calculations based on the correct figures – and it will not be thanks thanks to the DWP!

Posted by: madkentdragon | December 31, 2017

Happy New Year and fireworks

Looking at the wonderful displays of fireworks round the world celebrating the New Year, I’m wondering what is the point?

Does it make the world a better place – “Welcome to 2018 and these fireworks will magically improve the state of the country – despite them costing millions of pounds/dollars” -what’s the point?

Nation posturing against nation to see who can provide the most lavish display and the best musical entertainment. Why?

Not that I’m against the celebrations – we all want “Auld Lang Syne” and most don’t mind a few drinks. We all want the sadness and tragedies of the old year gone and hope that this new year will be better.

But wouldn’t it start being better if that million pounds that was spent in London in 2014 had been used to build a block of bedsits or even prefabs for those who need them – places people could live without fear of rent hikes by ever greedy landlords?

Or food parcels for those who are having to wait for the first payment of the Universal Credit – up to four weeks with no money is a crime – and if an employer didn’t pay his staff for four weeks, wouldn’t he be sued?

I’ll probably get shouted at for this rant – but wouldn’t it be better if the posturing was like this:

“In our country we fed 2000 people and put up enough housing for 100 people!” …. “So what, our country doubled that!”

That would really herald in a happy new year for those who need our help.

Celebrate by all means, eat drink and be merry but use that firework money constructively, not by wasting it on flash, bang, wallop and it’s all over!

Now wouldn’t that be a great new year’s resolution?

Happy New Year!

Posted by: madkentdragon | November 4, 2017

How and Why do MPs act this way?

I have refrained from blogging on politics because there is so much going on – and a lot of that is “He says, She says” dirty politics, but this latest thing  – I just had to write something – if I offend then, sorry, but these are my thoughts.

So, another scandal has emerged from the Parliament Buildings; I have one question why?

How did this come about?

I wonder how these testosterone guided people managed to get elected in the first place – and it’s both sides of the house that has this problem, how did the selection committees choose these people to represent their parties at an election?

Did they know that this or that person was dodgy, had a bit of a reputation, or where they blinded by the pheromones oozing from these testosterone filled individuals? It makes you wonder!

Assuming that the person was a suitable person, they would all have quite a bit of “charm” to get this far – did they then see another person flirting with a young researcher/intern and, following the old rule of “Monkey see, monkey do”, think that it was acceptable behaviour?

A few years back, the whips would use these indiscretions as leverage to ensure that the miscreant voted when required to. Young women, not realising this would often complain to the whips and would be suitably calmed down whilst the name went in their little black book.

Call the police? Bring the reputation of the House down? Never!!

Now, in today’s more equal society, these things are coming to light – male and female victims – how many more will come forward?

I do have one problem with this – I’m wondering how many will come forward to complain about those already outed for other reasons? It does happen.

I would like to see the innocent until proven guilty rule apply – do your investigation first and then release the name, if more come forward their complaints can then be investigated and the guilty punished.

I’m not saying who is innocent or who is guilty – but evidence must be examined before a person is named, knee-jerk reaction on an innocent person can be extremely damaging.

However, I still want to know how and why these persons were allowed to be in this position where they had the freedom to perpetrate these horrendous acts.

Posted by: madkentdragon | June 4, 2017

Stop It

Just stop it! Stop the terrorism, yes – there’s no need for it.

But also stop the constant barrage of news about it – you are doing more harm than good.

Don’t you realise that these news report inspire a certain group of people in this country to act out hate crimes against those who are probably nothing to do with the attacks?

But what happens is that their children grow up hating, they hate what’s happened to their families and they hate the fact that people avoid them and treat them all as terrorists; this fans the flames of hatred which turns them towards those extremists who treat them as cannon fodder.

This is what ISIS and their ilk want – you have played right into their hands – don’t you see that?

These youngsters who have been taking their aggression out on violent video games now find the extremist sites on the net and are encouraged either to go and join them in the middle east or to be “martyrs” here.

Each time there is an attack, the news comes to a standstill and all cameras turn to the latest attack, then they are told “Look how famous you are, look how you are serving the cause”

For those who have been marginalised by those who hate all foreigners and the distrust engendered by the news reports, this is their chance to strike back and so it continues.

Incidentally, for those who want to blame all Muslims – don’t, it’s Ramadan and this forbids fighting – so these people aren’t even true Muslims any more than those causing the hate crimes are true Christians.

So, stop sensationalising these acts, treat them as you used to treat the IRA attacks – my local IRA attack in Maidstone didn’t merit more than 30 seconds on the news!

Posted by: madkentdragon | March 23, 2017

March 22nd

I’m writing this not so much to jump on the bandwagon – not my style, but it occurred to me that we tend to take our safety for granted.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s no bad thing but last Saturday my hairdresser, who is Hungarian, was chatting to me about wanting to take her daughter to the Science Museum but was too scared because of “the terrorists”. I reassured her and said it was most unlikely and that her daughter was more likely to trip up a kerb and break her arm than be blown up by terrorists – and now this!

I still think that we are safer here than in most countries and the fact that the gun laws are so strict that this idiot couldn’t get hold of a gun – could you imagine the carnage that having a gun could have caused?

OK, perhaps I was getting too complacent, I was in the vicinity of the Hare & Hounds, Maidstone, bomb in 1975 – my windows shook and it was worrying, but that was then & this is now!

Do I give in – no I won’t this is England – fair enough there are idiots and terrorists about who are happy to take a life, but we will recover. We came back from the 2005 attacks which was so much worse than this.

I feel that the press tend to dwell on it too much, they make it sound worse than it was. I agree that it was bad, but it was only one man in a car with murderous intent and fortunately not that many were hurt.

I admire the people who went to help and I regret every death and injury, but more people have been lost in train accidents. By giving this incident over the top publicity, we are publicising the aims of people who want us to feel afraid.

Don’t let this happen – I will mourn the deaths and feel sorry for the injured, but I will also applaud those, like the MP Tobias Ellwood who went to the aid of those injured. But London still stands and people will continue to go to work no matter what and England is not afraid!

And we have some of the bravest policemen in the world!


Posted by: madkentdragon | January 2, 2017

No Resolutions!

We’ve all done it, made all these wonderful New Year’s Resolutions – to be thinner, richer, more sober, travel further – you know the score.

Why? You do realise that all those things that you resolved to do – you know those things that made you feel so happy and positive when you made them, will depress you and possibly make you feel worthless when you fail.

So why make them in the first place?

You wanted to lose weight a few months ago, didn’t you? OK Christmas added another couple of pounds and you feel like the numbers on the scale are plastered on your forehead – but why didn’t you start losing weight when you first realised it – and not wait until the new year?

Let’s face it – if you’d lost half a stone in the three months before Christmas, those two pounds wouldn’t be so much of a problem!

I know I can’t shout as I’m badly over-weight and I acknowledge it – losing weight is essential and yes, I did start losing it earlier in the year and being diabetic meant that not many mince pies etc. passed my lips – but the birds got fat.

Do I care, no not really – I just get nagged by my nurse – ha ha!

I’m me – who am I trying to impress with these resolutions – certainly not you – no disrespect intended, but you don’t know me from Adam – or Eve; no I would be trying to build up my own self-worth and for what purpose – to destroy it when I fail?

Instead I’m just me, no resolutions – certainly there are things that need improving in my life – but not just after the high and enjoyment of Christmas – that would depress me.

So why don’t you just be you? You are unique and special, if you must improve yourself do it but in a way that doesn’t change who you are, because that doesn’t need changing.

After all those skinny re-shaped by photo shop models aren’t real with every blemish eradicated and immovable foreheads caused by Botox.

Be real, be you, don’t change; look at yourself with a more positive attitude and things will get better without the need for useless resolutions.

Posted by: madkentdragon | November 29, 2016

Rail V Unions, What about the Commuters?

Rail strikes to the left of me, rail strikes to the right of me, so I’m going to hire some coaches!

The local firms here offer luxurious transport – no standing, free newspapers and coffee to help you start your day.

Let’s face it, I’m going to make a fortune whilst Southern Rail and all the unions slog it out – and hopefully keep the passengers, if and when they finally slog it out or stare each other into extinction.

On the coaches, everyone gets a seat and will not have their toes stamped on in the stampede to find that one non-existent seat and then stand squashed together like sardines all the way to town.

Yes, I’m going to make my fortune and those poor pawns stuck in the middle – otherwise known as passengers, won’t have to worry about losing their jobs or (as I’ve heard a couple of times) move!

Now the underground is going on strike – all the unions are worried about loss of jobs, but so are the commuters, I’ve heard them say so before you say that they aren’t. In the meantime, my pipe-dream will make me rich!

It’s about time the whole disastrous rail system is reorganised, whether it’s nationalised is not for me to say – but it was just as bad then – I know as I commuted in the 1960s and remember strikes from those times; but it just cannot continue the way it is.

Finally, both sides need to consider who will be sued when some poor commuter dies of hypothermia because they’ve frozen to death in these winter conditions waiting for that non-existent train!

Posted by: madkentdragon | August 11, 2016

No Love Lost in Labour

So Labour has claim and counter claim in the courts, what on earth for? It certainly isn’t showing them as a unified party – even the unions are choosing opposite sides!

This isn’t portraying the party in a good light to the floating voter, is it?

Now I don’t care whether you’re Labour, Lib-Dem or even the Monster Raving Loony Party, I hope that you will agree with my opinion that every government needs a unified opposition as a counter-balance.

I don’t even care, for this example, which party is in power, but the opposition party is there to stop or moderate the more extreme acts proposed by the governing party.

You may not want to admit it, but the Lib-Dems did this whilst serving in the coalition – it’s obvious by what came out from the government once they were gone – that this did happen. So although the opposition was there, it had some of its job done for them.

Now we really do need a coherent opposition – not a bunch of in-fighting politicians. Even if you have a break away party – it’s happened before – let’s get this thing sorted before parliament returns. You may find it necessary to form an opposition coalition if there is a break away, just do it!

Come on children stop squabbling over the best apple on the tree, shake hands and play nicely – even if you sort out your leadership battle by “eenie, meenie, miney mo”!

By the way, I’m a floater – so I don’t care who is the leader – but I do care to have a well formed opposition.

Posted by: madkentdragon | May 27, 2016

Dear Boris and Dave

As you can tell – unless you’re from another planet – this is a whinge about the referendum.

I and most of the people I know are really fed up with this scare mongering.

You know what I mean – shock, horror if we leave the moon will fall – OK Chicken Little – if you say so.

If we stay, we can build a wall round Britain to keep everyone out – have a look at the Romans and how they built and maintained Hadrian’s Wall.

I want plain actual facts please. Facts like how much will we save/lose by staying in/going out and the facts and figures to prove it.

I want proven facts – not speculation – on what will happen if we stay/leave.

Where are these, please – because all we are getting is oration after oration on the (what was it called) – oh yes “Shock and Awe”!

Do you realise you have burnt our ears so much that we are only cherry picking what we listen to, and that is often down to personalities?

Yes, you have both shouted so much that a lot of people will vote on the person they like, or is in favour on that day.

I know how I’m going to vote, but that is – as it should be – between me and my postal vote.

So come on lads, give us REAL FACTS AND FIGURES – not speculation!

Posted by: madkentdragon | May 2, 2016

Hitler was a Good Propagandist, but not a Zionist

I’m really fed up with this Zionist versus anti-Semitism rubbish that’s going around. Let’s get a few facts straight shall we?

To call all Jews Zionists is the same as calling all British BNP – or whatever their latest incarnation is – to do this is a racial generalisation.

Now the claim that Hitler was a Zionist – forgive me whilst I burst out laughing! The swastika on the Zionist medal is as good a piece of propaganda as the swastika stamped on the back of some Royal British Legion badges – yes there are some like that.

The Legion badges resulted because of an initiative by WWI veterans travelling to Germany to meet with German WWI veterans they had all heard rumours of war and they hoped that if they combined against it, then perhaps it wouldn’t happen.

They were rather naïve as Hitler feted them, and being the prime propagandist he was, used it for his own advantage, I presume the Zionist badge probably suffered the same fate.

Hitler was no Zionist – he hated the Jews and did everything he could to make them uncomfortable in their own country, he just wanted them out!

After Hitler took power, he needed someone to blame for the hyperinflation and financial woes, so he blamed the small population of Jews. He hated them and wanted them out of his country, to persuade them to leave, in 1933 they were prohibited from any job in the civil service and he encouraged ordinary employers not to employ them.

This resulted in some emigrating, but to many it was a phase that would probably pass; more left in 1935 when they were stripped of their citizenship and it was the most stubborn, elderly and those who could not afford the fare to leave who were left.

Of those who left twelve thousand were Polish, four thousand were let in, the other eight thousand were left at the border in poor refugee camps – sound familiar. Of course when Hitler invaded Poland they were not safe any way.

They continued to live in the Jewish Quarters in each city, but then in 1938 came Kristallnacht which literally translated as “Night of the broken glass”. Encouraged by the SS, the German public attacked all Jewish property and with the shouted “Jews out to Palestine” destroyed all things Jewish and many Jews.

Retreating to the Jewish Quarter, the people thought they were safe, even if they had to live in the slums and poorer properties. These where the ghettos where the Jews tried to keep law and order, many still thought it would soon be over. After all concentration camps were for slave labour in the shape of political prisoners, Russian captives and “deviants”.

Well, they were right for a while, but as those pesky Jews were still in the country and weren’t f Aryan descent, they had to go – so they got rounded up – fittest first into the camps.

Of course if you became ill or broken because of the heavy labour, you could be killed. But the main extermination started in 1941, the extermination camps were founded to rid the country of all slaves who were considered unable to work – but the Jews formed the greatest proportion and were sent without medical examination to be killed.

I’m not going to recount all that happened next – you can look this up yourselves, but I really, really don’t think Hitler was a Zionist.

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