Posted by: madkentdragon | November 15, 2009

Six Weeks On!

It’s now only 62 days to retirement and a life free from the constrictions of protocol!

Already have the first few months planned and can’t wait to be able to wake up without the sound of the alarm and dragging myself down to sit behind that desk with a phone ringing constantly and visitors all demanding your attention – that’s without the fact that there will be about 30 e-mails over night & a pile of post to undo & data bases to complete!

Just seen another soldier died in Afghanistan – another life gone – can somebody explain to me exactly what we are doing there?

Well it’s now Monday 16th November & it’s not been a pleasant day at all!

First I hear that one of the County Committee members has had a stroke, dear old Reg – he earned a MM on D-Day – is a lovely fellow and still does a lot so he’s really going to feel it being inactive.

Then, later in the morning I heard that a dear friend of mine had passed away, he hadn’t been well for a long time but was like the proverbial creaking door – never 100% but always there. Now he’s not, it really upset me because he and his wife had been good friends to me & he’d done a lot for the Legion. I’ve spent most of the day ringing round to let people know but it’s surprising how many  came back with “now you’re on the phone – can you tell me what I should do about ………”

That’s the trouble with my job, you’re “piggy in the middle” – you’ve got the HQ or “Ivory Tower” mob issuing edicts then you’ve got me and then you’ve got the membership! Membership should not ring the Ivory Tower they have to ring me & if I don’t know the answer I have to contact HQ – trouble is they don’t always answer their phones & if you e-mail it could get ignored – but it’s you who has to go back to the membership and explain this!  Gets very frustrating and in every Field Office there should be a cushion glued to a wall for head banging when you get no back up from the Ivory Tower. Most of them don’t emerge from there to come & see what’s happening “at the coal face” they just issue edicts which are often not thought through.

Oh well that’s another day over, the job gets more frustrating every day – I had to explain to a Council Licensing Officer what happens when a club has to re-register with a different identity under the 2003 licensing act!  How do they train these people!! Then I was tasked with previewing a new database from HQ & 95% of it was wrong – honestly I can’t understand what they are actually doing there – I even had to explain that charities have property trustees and businesses have owners – why, why, why?

Have dealt with loads of calls about Tom’s death – he was County Chairman for so many years that he’s left a big hole.

Now 58 days to go and life is just as frustrating!

I’ve had a problem with a branch and a club for some time now & it’s really strange that suddenly HQ is taking notice & helping with them!

TheClub problem that I had been asking for legal letters etc to be done since April have finally all been done & the problem sorted – is it because they are pleased to get rid of me or that someone from HQ is going to take over my position?

Another problem that I’ve sent report after report to HQ over and been ignored is now actually being looked at I should know more on Tuesday – why couldn’t all this help have been given months ago?

I don’t think it would have made much difference to my retirement plans though; I’ve finally got a good County Chairman but the County Committee who are elected to run the Legion in the County are about as much use as a chocolate fire guard and I am fed up with running round like a headless chicken sorting out all the problems that they could have dealt with. Infact they can’t even get enough volunteers for the Conference Committee for next year – NO! I’m not going to go on it – what’s the point of retiring if you end up doing the same but without pay?


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