Posted by: madkentdragon | November 28, 2009

Now it’s only 49 days to retirement and it’s been one hell of a week.

On Monday I attended the funeral of a member of the Kent County Committee of the RBL. Lovely fellow, an all round good guy who had worked extremely hard for the Legion and his local community – Goodbye Gordon – RIP.

The next three days were manic, all the annual returns coming in and a management board meeting, now I’ve got to get the minutes typed up ready for next Saturday for the full committee meeting. Also producing the monthly news letter – well I was until the photocopier broke – so now I’ve got to wait for it to be fixed – hope it’s done Monday.

Friday was another sad day, another funeral, this time it was Tom Styles who had been County Chairman for a long time but had to give up through ill health. To be honest he’d been a crap County Chairman for the last few years partly because his health got worse – but he was always a good friend to me & it was hard not to cry when I saw his widow, especially when she came up to me to thank me for arranging the Legion side of the funeral with all the standards. Good bye old friend.

Today we held a meeting for all Presidents and Chairmen – it was nice to see a full hall – why don’t we get that whenwe write to Secretaries? Funny that because we had written to the Chairs and Presidents direct we got such a good response!

Yesterday at the funeral I discovered that the person responsible for the Carol Service sheets for next Saturday afternoon had not done them so I’ve got to sort that problem out as well as the accounts presented to me by the Insensitive person at the funeral yesterday – Oh Well!

At least I know who my successor is – he’s coming into the office Monday morning to get a taster, I’ve also arranged meetings for him with the County Chairman & Treasurer as well as with the Clubs Business Advisor – hope he survives.

Still it’s not all bad news people are actually saying they are sorry that I’m leaving but this time next year I will be forgotten – but at least I won’t have to make appointments with sons to meet – I’ll be free most weekends.


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