Posted by: madkentdragon | December 6, 2009

41 days to go:

Well another week of panics over!

Let me see, at the funeral last week, I found out that the Carol Service sheets had not been typed up and it looked like there was only one option – do it yourself! I was meant to be going to a training day for the Volunteer post I was taking when I retired – so I wasn’t due in the office on Tuesday thus I wouldn’t be missed – OK I’ll stay at home & type that up and the meeting on the Saturday as well as the rest of the minutes for the management board meeting – no phones just get on with it!

But first there was the Monday when my replacement popped in to get a taster ready for when he starts – think he went away with his head in a whirl! But he’s a stayer & will be taking up the job on the 11th as I retire on the 16th. Meanwhile the County Padre decided to assist and do the service sheets for me – unfortunately his system didn’t talk to my system and this old clunker wouldn’t let me cut & paste so despite his very kind efforts it was still aching fingers time – never mind got it all done.

Meanwhile back in the office the photocopier engineer couldn’t fix the machine so Wednesday I worked till 7pm so that I could borrow another photocopier and run off everything for the wooden-tops – oops sorry County Committee –  Meeting in the morning and the carol service in the afternoon.

The rest of the week passed in a blur of activity, sorting out problems dealing with all the usual admin problems that come from my job, but at least Friday I could walk away with a clear desk and all the filing done.

Problems this week: Central data input unit are not doing their job & are 5,000 membership applications behind – well if you spend a day changing desks what do you expect? Forms for a Branch closure complete with a cheque to empty out the Branch account have gone walk about! Finance have to undo all the mail & remove the cheques – but they aren’t meant to bin the paperwork that goes with it – are they?? Property Department have not managed to issue any “Inflation rent rises” this year – or last!! That’s going to cause problems if they implement 3 years in one go!

Well the Committee Meeting went well & the acting County Chairman has laid down the law & is expecting all County Committee members to stop being badge wearers and DO something – wonder how many will still be there at the next meeting?

The Carol Service went very well and we had 20 from the Riders Branch attend – I’m proud of them – I am a founder member, they have nearly 3000 members and do loads of good work.

However I got home having just finished & found a letter from HR about my retirement which was so impersonal and factually wrong that I wonder who they employ up there. Mind you all the applicants for my job discovered that the job description given to them when they applied bore no resemblance to the actual job – Ivory Tower syndrome again.

At least I’m taking time off in lieu tomorrow to catch up at home – having worked the last two Saturdays I need to & do some Christmas shopping!


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