Posted by: madkentdragon | December 13, 2009

Quiet Week and the first Christmas Lunch

Now I’ve got 34 days to go and it is beginning to drag – mind you I still don’t know what’s happening about my pension! You would have thought that they would be in touch by now – I’ll have to chase it.

I filled in all the forms and sent of all the necessary paperwork  – which was returned recorded delivery to my home address – why? they know I’m at work?? This means either having to take a day off or try to get it re-directed which they don’t like doing when it’s recorded – the paperwork was coming from HQ – not from an outside source – ah well. Any way must chase. 

So Monday was hectic – but for me & I finished my Christmas present list – now to wrap it – oh why have I got 16 grandchildren!! And I managed to audit a set of accounts for a Branch with problems – don’t know whether they will survive as they can’t get officers – it’s apathy really.

Back to the office Tuesday to find the answer phone full – messages from people who I’d told I’d be off – never mind none so deaf as those who don’t want to hear. Sorted the usual problems out and had the usual phone queries that you know you answered the week before, I swear some ring up at least three times in the hope that they will get the answer they like – and if you don’t give it they will ring someone else to try again.

Property are still not functioning – how can you have a property department with so many people but not get anything done? I’ve noticed that there have been no inflation rent rises for two years – then people moan because the properties don’t bring in enough income!! I did e-mail the department last year about the rents but got no response – I’m glad I’m retiring. I’ve got a Branch where the property is empty – the club were evicted for lots of misdemeanours and two year’s rent arrears – but I can’t get any action on it! The Branch refuse to take responsibility for anything – but they want to keep the property and they are the local management trustees and HQ are working so slow that 5 snails overtook them – what am I supposed to do?

Oh yes and then when all field offices are busy planning County Conferences and receiving all their Branch’s annual returns and answering queries on how to run both Branch and Club AGMs HQ want to know which Branches were formed  in 1921, how active they are and other questions!! So I sent a snot-o-gram off pointing out how busy we all are. Doesn’t any one know what happens in another section of this organisation? Short answer “NO”

Cheerful note to end on had Christmas Lunch with the County Committee, great lunch but the sad thing was that I was the youngest! People seem to have lost touch with who we are and what we do and that the average age of our founder members was 25!


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