Posted by: madkentdragon | December 28, 2009

Towards year end

Now I’ve only got 19 days to go & I’m on Christmas break, so it’s time to catch up. The week before Christmas was catch up on leave time, after all I’d been instructed by HR to make sure I had no leave outstanding when I went – so I’ve sort of done that.

The snow was quite heavy which meant that the 18th I was snowed in, but had managed to clear my desk so I wasn’t that worried. Especially as I’d arranged a meeting between my replacement & one of the key members in the membership team – a Club’s Business Adviser who then got snowed in! So I spent 3 hours on the Tuesday before Christmas talking to my replacement & telling him a few more bits about the job – he’s keen & too much like me & will end up burnt out the same as I have!

He’s so conscientious that he tried to get into London the next day (he works at HQ) but the trains let him down so he asked me to go & let him into my office to work – no-one else who had been snowed out had bothered. Anyway I caught up with all the post while he did the bits he needed to do & one of the CWOs was in working hard.

CWO means County Welfare Officer and there are two in the County who work extremely hard, they have covered over 1,000 cases in the County this year.

Heres how it works: A call comes in asking for some help – then a volunteer goes out to find out what is needed and their financial situation – these volunteers are trained and CRB checked, they submit a form & report. Next the form is assessed and the financial situation is looked at; it depends on what is needed as to the next step is – it could be financial advice and help paying bills or it could be an OT assessment for a wheelchair or even planning permission to put in a ramp for ease of access. The CWOs have to oversee each step and try to ask Regimental Associations etc for some help towards the cost which can be in the thousands. The Branches also put money from their own funds towards it and the rest comes from the Poppy Appeal. The end is that an ex-serviceman, serviceman or his immediate family are helped – job done. But with budget constraints and so many rules & regulations to obey it can be very frustrating – and it all starts with a volunteer visiting I’ve done it myself & it’s such a good feeling to visit after all the work and know that you’ve helped to make someone’s life just that bit easier.

New volunteers are always needed and SSAFA work with the Legion in Kent towards this aim, but HQ seem to want to put budget constraints on this essential work WHY?

Any way hope you all had a Good Christmas & have a Great New Year.



  1. This is a very good post and i also like your blog page layout too. Bookmarked your site and will stop by again

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