Posted by: madkentdragon | March 29, 2010


Writing that last post caused me to think, so many kindnesses have happened during my lifetime that have lifted me that I ought to list them.

From the farm in the last post with their vegetables and fruit which were really appreciated and I did contact them to say thank you, to the lady who gave eldest son a lift to school whilst No 2 was in plaster or teacher who sent him a present, these acts really lifted me and made the drudgery worth while.

A lift when we lived miles from a bus route to the shops, an invitation in for a cuppa after dropping the boys to school before I walked the mile and a half back home, a welcome relief. 

The neighbour when we moved who popped in with a flask of tea and a bottle of pop for the boys, so kind. So many simple yet thoughtful acts that lighten the heart and make life worth living.

Another neighbour who would pop some tomatoes over the fence or the odd cabbage because they’d “got a glut” even a “Hello” when you are down helps! I would repay by collecting their children from school with mine, we were living closer to a school then! Or even popping round to see if they wanted something from the shop which was reciprocated time and time again when there was measles or some other bug around.

Helping me make angel’s or shepherd’s costumes for the Sunday School Nativity, sitting there together before picking up the kids from school; lifted me out of myself and certainly gave life a good meaning.

There are certain people in the world who help and expect nothing back and when you return a kindness, they are so happy and I found that this made me happy too. In the snow as the boys grew older I’d ask them to knock on elderly neighbours doors to see if they wanted something from the shop, I told them not to take anything – but they probably did. But even so, when the weather improved and I’d bump into one they were always happy that help had been offered.

When I finally plucked up courage and left, only a few years ago, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who offered help and when I got a place of my own after staying with No 1 for six months eight people came to help me move in – so kind.

So thank you every one for your kindnesses, it has been the food of my soul.


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