Posted by: madkentdragon | April 20, 2010


Relief – that feeling when that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach lifts, your heart feels lighter and sometimes tears appear. It’s such a great feeling that I needed to put some of my greatest reliefs down.

When children are born fit and well; when the doctor tells me my second born has started to produce enough gamma globulin to live a normal life – later when that nasty accident meant that apart from those stitches and broken legs he was still compos mentis – that was a real relief!

When I managed to get the wages out of the bank and pay the rent and bills before he can withdraw his “beer money” and to know that I’ve paid all the bills for that week.

When my youngest son recovers from septicaemia and I can bring him home from hospital – even if he drives me mad because he’s bored!!

The relief of leaving home and staying in a tiny bedroom at my eldest son’s for a few weeks – knowing that he couldn’t get to me and the relief of realising that I could turn my phone off when he’s in mid-rant because I don’t have to listen to it any more.

The relief of finding myself a house to rent & furnishing it even with second-hand furnishings; to know it’s mine and mine alone and I did it myself!!

The relief of retirement and escaping from that stressful job – but not for long – but this time it’s on my terms!

Finally the real and fantastic relief that perhaps another son isn’t going to die before me and seeing him moving around looking thinner but OK and knowing that he’s getting the right treatment. The hassle of the travel and arriving at the B&B at gone one in the morning was all so very much worth that great feeling of relief that I’d seen him and he seems better than you imagined was one of the biggest feelings of relief that I have experienced.



  1. How is he? xx

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