Posted by: madkentdragon | April 23, 2010

Words of Wisdom – Funny

OK it’s not “words of wisdom” as in advice or lofty tomes, but what my family called “Words of Wisdom” – often emanating from youngest son from the age of 5.

Walking up a hill with his brother he turned to him and said: “I bet you……”; “I bet you what?” said elder son, thinking he was on to a good thing….

“I bet you this hill’s built on a slope!” came his wonderful words of wisdom.

On watching a programme comprising all Elvis impersonators, he turned to me and said: “If Elvis were alive today – he’d turn in his grave!” and couldn’t understand why I had a coughing fit.

Watching out the window out of the window as his brothers ate an early tea before a coach picked them up for a youth fellowship event and commenting on the snow that was falling — “It’s snowing like a blizzard, Mum – What’s a blizzard?” and again couldn’t understand why his brothers came rushing in from the kitchen with tears of laughter running down their faces!

The final one comes from my middle son, who when it was his turn to wash up asked why couldn’t we have a dishwasher and his father replied that there were five people in the house who could wash dishes & his come-back was priceless – “Yes, but one of them doesn’t plug himself in!” pointing at his father who promptly hid behind his paper as all three fell about laughing!


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