Posted by: madkentdragon | May 22, 2010


I’m going to start by stating the fact that I am a Christian – don’t go away, I’m not going to stuff my beliefs down your throat!  But I am a Christian, I don’t go to church for two reasons: I find it hard to walk that far & I find them very cliquey – which is also a form of discrimination – and I’ve been to some of these churches where as a stranger you are stared at which is very intimidating – even when they come up and shake your hand and welcome you – you feel like you are being assessed.

So, I read my Bible and as Genesis Chapter 1 is now its front cover, I thought it was about time that I replaced it. In England? In Kent? No problem!! – Or so I thought!!

Because I have lung problems, I can’t walk far, so I caught a bus into Maidstone to the Chequers Centre – the main shopping Mall in the town, and having raided the 99p shop and one or two others, I headed for the discount book shop – a shop I’ve been into several times to buy my favourite genre of books – cheaply of course!! I deliberately turned my back on the fiction and headed for the non fiction and found a section marked religion – this was going to be easy! No; Koran, Zoroastria, Books on Sikhism etc were all there but no Bible.

Then I spotted a section marked “Mind Body & Soul” – OK for palmistry, horoscopes and ghosts – but no Bible! So I asked at the counter & no one knew why they did not stock it.

So I stopped for a cigarette and then plodded on – other shops sell books so I’ll try them – but not one had a Bible and I came home defeated. Now can I ask you a question – why can we buy books on all other customs and religions but not the fundamental basic book of faith, that despite politicians averring otherwise; our original Laws were based on? And why, when I ordered one from Amazon, was I also offered a Quran at the same time? You have bought this Bible therefore you must be interested in…..!! No I just wanted a Bible.

I’m a pretty straight forward person and operate a live and let live attitude, believing that there is a basic good in most people. But I will stand against discrimination in all shapes and forms because we all have free will and it is our choice how we live – provided that you don’t hurt, maim or kill another person, I will stick up for your right to dye your skin green and walk on your hands whilst speaking gobbledygook – that’s your choice.

But why is Britain discriminating against those who believe in God??


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