Posted by: madkentdragon | May 28, 2010


I love books,  they have been a friend when I’ve been low and a relaxer when I’ve been stressed, books are friends – so when a son said to me  “Mum, what are we going to do with all these books when you die?”  it made me take a long look at the amount of books I have. Ooops – I do have quite a few, not enough for it to be grandly called a library, but enough for me to be able to pick up a different book every day for about 18 months.

The plan was to be able to re-read them during retirement – but as some of you will know retirement was put on hold when I was asked to trouble shoot areas that were not performing properly. Not only that – but the planned decorating as well – still haven’t finished it all.

I hate the inanity of day-time TV and prefer to settle down (I wish) and escape into a world of adventure – the good guy always wins – or a world of yester-year; even if I cringe about exaggerated facts, but it is an escape! More an escape that watching some Australian soap or a second-rate make-over programme; at least it is to me.

Fashion has never interested me – OK a younger me’s skirts went up and down according to fashion for a few years; but the demands of a growing family and a lack of cash put paid to most of those ideas and I reverted to books. I had always been encouraged to read as a child and the shop still had the remnants of a Penny Library – the company had gone broke and Dad would not sell the books – so I roamed at will through Westerns, Spy Stories but even then my cynical side was showing as I shunned the flowery prose of Romance! I would read Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, but to me they were historical stories that actually opened my eyes to a past world that I longed to find out more about – History at school was disappointing, political history of the renaissance periods etc was boring! But novels showed me how people lived, window tax may be mentioned as the hero or heroine be-moaned the loss of a window bricked up because of the tax, but it showed me what life was like – or at least some of it.

Yes, books opened my eyes and sustained me, fed my imagination, gave light relief and took me away from a mundane existence, whether they came from a jumble sale, boot fair, charity shop or, as I can now buy them, new – they are my friends – companions when I am ill; escapes when I am depressed and pure relief when there is nothing I want to watch on the square eyed god in the corner.

So what will they do with my books? Well, my sons that will be up to you – but remember those books were Mum’s friends when all including you, let me down.


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