Posted by: madkentdragon | August 26, 2010

Why can’t kids just be kids?

Reading about a fourteen year old having “face enhancements” tattooed on made me sigh as it was yet another example of kids growing up too fast. As for the mother who allows it, is she any different from the chav who bought a padded bikini top for her two year old? I think not.

Why can’t kids be kids?

I know 14 year olds want to experiment with makeup, how many of us at that age have crowded round the Rimmel stand or some other cheaper make up and brought a lipstick that looked so good, but when we got it home looked horrendous on. We’d swap and try each others’ colours and poke mascara brushes accidentally in our eyes – but it was for fun and part of growing up.

The persuading Mum that you could have high heels and have that skirt that was above your knees was all part of growing up, but we didn’t enter beauty pageants that was for grown up girls, not us. Yes we all hitched our long school skirts up as we left school – goodness knows how big that made our waists!

But it was all innocent, the whispering about pop stars, film stars and boys as we sat on the grass at lunch time was fun and yes we’d started to go around with boys but usually we were in groups and with strict curfews or for special occasions when we could stay at a “do”, we were picked up at “No Later than Ten”.

I admit this was quite a few years ago – but why has it all changed? Why is it acceptable for young girls and adolescents to walk around with sexually provocative clothing? Skirts that are not much bigger than the six inch wide white belts that we considered fashionable, tops so revealing that nothing is left to the imagination.

Why don’t parents say “No, you can’t wear that”? Why do manufacturers produce young children’s T-shirts with adult sayings? Can’t kids just be kids and adolescents learn and develop naturally with their friends and not something that might be regretted later like that tattooed “enhancement”

Please parents say “No” and encourage your daughters to be naturally beautiful and help them to grow into beautiful young women without doing things that they will regret later.



  1. I don’t know why parents buy their children unsuitable clothing. My children often wanted things because their mates had them but if I felt they weren’t appropriate I said no. I don’t think they were emotionally scarred by my refusal. They have grown into responsible adults. I think it’s time we said enough is enough children are children.

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