Posted by: madkentdragon | September 4, 2010

Education Sets You Free – Even in Afghanistan

Education sets you free – even in Afghanistan, that’s a bold statement but time and time again this statement has been proved throughout the ages, I’ll give you a few examples: 

We’ve all heard about the parent who cons his children by telling them that the only time an ice-cream van sounds its chimes is when it has no ice-cream left! Well what happens when the child goes to school and reads a “Janet & John” book and reads that when the ice-cream van sounds its chimes mummy or daddy goes with them to buy ice-cream. The child found the truth – much to the parent’s shame/annoyance- by being educated and reading the truth. 

OK that was a simplistic example, but go back to medieval times when the only people who could read where the hierarchy, most of these were in the Church and even the local Lord of the Manor may have been illiterate, he’d have a scribe come in to do any reading or writing for him. The problem was that most of the hierarchy had absolute power and did not always use it the right way, so when your partially literate little village priest intoned prayers or the scriptures in Latin he was often repeating what he had been taught and could not always translate the written words himself! Thus when the hierarchy insisted that if a person paid money into the church they could get time off from purgatory, he believed it was in the Holy Writ and told his parishioners the same and of course they believed him. 

At various times these poor folks were informed that the crusades were in there and so was the Inquisition, but because they could not read they accepted it. 

This was not faith, this was superstition! 

Once more people learned to read and found out what was actually written in the Scriptures, the various superstitions set up by those looking to line the church coffers or their own pockets were questioned and eventually ceased. 

Come forward to the 21st century and what do we find in Afghanistan? Schools closed by the Taleban, women subjugated and a rule of terror – because they say that’s what the Koran wants! But is it? 

Look back to the time before the King was deposed, the literacy level was high and there was a prosperous thriving community, but this has all gone and there is now a poverty stricken illiterate society where fear through ignorance is king! The Taleban attack girls’ schools because they have time to learn as they are not allowed to work under the regime – no jobs for most of them anyway. But when girls have learned to read and sit at home reading the Koran – unthinkable – they may learn the truth about what it says and would tell their brothers what they had found out and where would the Taleban be then?

You may question that last statement, but consider this: in Medieval England married women were not allowed to work except as a beer brewer for which they paid a fine each year, only widows could carry on their husband’s business, so women had time to learn and read and did so and would educate their peers and children. 

So yes, get those schools going and let the young learn the truth – because it will free them.


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