Posted by: madkentdragon | October 6, 2010

Why Buy a Poppy part 3

I read a quote in the “Legion” magazine today which showed me how the general public still view the Legion: “The Legion started as a result of WWI and all those chaps are dead. WWII Veterans are all over 80 and are dying off fast…..” This worried me because the general public’s perception is that we only help “Old Soldiers” – how wrong can this be?

Yes we do help the elderly veterans and their widows/spouses, most of the “scooters” I see pootling about locally I know were supplied by the Legion, but this certainly doesn’t account for the £70m spent each year! (Apologies my £40m in my last post was way off mark!) There were many other conflicts and “peace keeping” between 1945 and the present day conflicts, Aden, Palestine, Malaya and Korea to name a few and of course there was the Falklands and the IRA. 

These people all suffered and some became disabled or suffered PTSD, just as those who are in Afghanistan now, and all these people still need help.

The Legion is funding the Nuclear Veterans Tribunal test case as well as appealing many compensation cases which have been highlighted in the news recently. It does not matter whether you are 18 or 80, if you need help, legal or otherwise – The Royal British Legion is here for you.

So just because we celebrate our 90th Birthday next year, we are not all 90 years old and we have volunteers helping us from 9 to 90 plus. When you see the old dear with her Poppy tray in November – it’s because she has the time to spend 2 hours in the cold and wet collecting. But you don’t see the 9-year-old who popped in after school to help put the trays together, or the 40-year-old who spent a Saturday taking boxes round to his local shops and will come back 2 weeks later to collect them back in.

We are Legion – we are many who believe in helping the youngster from Afghanistan and Iraq to the elderly widow of a WWII veteran by sponsored rides, walks and parachute jumps and by sparing a couple of hours in the cold and wet with a collecting box and tray of poppies.

So can you help us raise the monies for the Battle-back Centre, for the old boy’s wheel chair and for the youngster’s wet room because he can’t use a bath with his artificial leg?

 Can you help us raise another £30 million plus this year?


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