Posted by: madkentdragon | December 1, 2010

Shining through the Snow!

As it’s been rather snowy, I have had to stay indoors a lot more and have been listening to my local radio station. Of course there have been the horror stories about trains stuck for up to six hours and problems on the motorways with some poor souls being stuck for up to twelve hours!

But there have also been stories of help given and offered, from a plea for an elderly gentleman who had to get to a London hospital for a major cancer operation tomorrow and was worried about getting there – sure enough an offer sprung out of the radio waves within five minutes of the plea and the gentleman is safely ensconced in the hospital as I blog.

There was a story of a lady who had lost her keys in the snow, she had two young children with her and they were getting cold, two people with metal detectors appeared and helped find the keys. I could go on but I think you get the gist of what I mean!

We cannot forget the nurses and other health workers who have walked in to work so that patients were not neglected and this included two who were on leave, but were worried that some staff could not get there and walked three miles to the renal unit.

And of course the radio and television presenters and reporters who have walked, biked and driven through the snow so that we could keep up to date with the problems!

Now, I won’t call them heroes but I will acknowledge that they have often gone above and beyond the norm to go to work, which is more than a lot of us do!

It’s a time when the innate goodness and community spirit which is often missing in our everyday lives shines through – long may it continue!


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