Posted by: madkentdragon | December 5, 2010

My Sons are addicted to ……………….Wedding Cake!

I have a confession, two of my three sons are addicts; it is very worrying as their addiction is quite legal but has very expensive consequences. You see, they are addicted to wedding cake!

Case of Eldest Son,

 Now in his mid forties and thankfully cake-free for eight years – even though the last Marriage failed.

Here are his symptoms:

1/  Married in Maidstone, in a church with a reception that I catered for – Wedding Cake included

2/ Married in Glasgow, at a grand hotel and sit-down reception – Wedding Cake included

3/ Married in Kenya, in an outside ceremony and yes Wedding Cake was included, this was 10 years ago and as stated although single again – there is no sign of his addiction returning – fingers crossed!!

Case of Middle Son,

Also in his forties and still very much addicted I’m afraid!

1/ Married in a church in Maidstone again I catered the reception which included Wedding Cake

2/ Married in Registry Office in Maidstone, I yet again catered and Wedding Cake again included

3/ Married in Folkestone and yes another Wedding Cake

4/ Married in Port Talbot, nice hotel and even worse a complimentary Wedding Cake!

5/ Still married to his wife (how she’s put up with him is another story), but now wants to get the marriage blessed at the same hotel and yes another free Wedding Cake!

Thankfully youngest son tried Wedding Cake once and has decided that he likes his marriage and has no wish to try Wedding Cake again.

So you see, I do have sons addicted to Wedding Cake – how do I break the addiction?



  1. Ouch! To forestall that frightening addiction I will now forbid my 3 daughters from tasting a single bite. Thanks for the hilarious warning.

    Debra (aka @polandww2)

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