Posted by: madkentdragon | January 8, 2011

My Dies Septem Horribilis

Well the New Year started well and then it all went downhill from there – hence the title which means “My horrible 7 Days” – with apologies to the Queen!

The post arrived late Thursday afternoon and, as I had company, I put it to one side to open later – I opened it New Years Day at approximately 2pm. Well there were 2 late Christmas Cards – both with 16th December postmark and a new debit card from my bank.

After pondering why I had been sent a new card, I read the leaflets and followed the instructions and shredded the old card from my purse, still wondering why I had been sent a new card when the expiry date was not till 2012 on the old one. That evening, having been tempted by the continuous e-mails from Amazon, I decided to order a couple of books, hoping the delivery wouldn’t take the month that it had done before Christmas.  I entered my new card onto their system and all went well – or so I thought! I closed the web-page down and then received an e-mail saying Amazon was unable to use the card! Fortunately my old card details were still on their system and I used these without any problem and the books actually arrived on time!

I was worried, here I was with a card that didn’t work, so the following day (I know it was a bank holiday-but telebanking doesn’t close) I rang the bank ready to tear them off a strip and as I was about to key in my account number, it hit me! This was a new card for an old account that I no longer use and there was no money in the account – Whoops!! So my phone call to the bank was an apologetic one not a disgruntled one! And a new card was ordered, but in the meantime to get any cash I would have to cash a cheque at the bank as I couldn’t remember the pin number for this other account and it would be pointless to transfer money into it.

Also in the post that Friday was an appointment for the following Tuesday for a mammogram and I decided to use the trip to my advantage as I was also due a chest x-ray because of the COPD. I therefore rang that department and made those arrangements.

Saturday dawned and I endeavoured to do some housework – not most favourite job – and I started hoovering which proved disastrous as I hoovered up the phone line and broke the telephone!

Nothing it seemed was going to go right, I promptly developed an infection which left me tired and breathless and by Monday it was obvious I couldn’t go for these appointments which I duly cancelled Tuesday morning and instead struggled to the bank to get some money as I needed bread and milk.

Wednesday, I felt a bit better so I went to Comets which was a short bus ride away and purchased a new phone with some of the money from the cheque I’d cashed and came home and managed to install it, only to find a message on the 1571 from one of my daughter-in-laws to say my middle son had been rushed into hospital vomiting blood – I felt absolutely useless, no card to use to get a train, they live in Port Talbot and I was still unwell myself and unable to do anything.

Lack of sleep and the stress making my illness worse made Thursday pass in a blur, but I did check on my son and also checked that my daughter-in-law was coping. People forget the spouse, only asking about the patient, when it is the spouse who has to hold everything together, running from work to hospital as well as look after herself.

Friday, I dragged myself out of bed and collapsed on the sofa, feeling unable to do anything, my inhalers weren’t having their normal effect and I felt lifeless and listless, I’d had about 2 hours sleep. Then the post arrived and my new card arrived, my daughter-in-law rang up to tell me that the endoscope had discovered a small tear in his gullet which would have to heal naturally and that after 3 pints of blood his blood count was up and he could come home.

So by 2pm on this Friday, I started to feel better, I had a son who wasn’t going to die – but as an alcoholic another drink will kill him; a new phone and my bank card back! Things were beginning to look up – and to quote the song “Things can only get better”!

As a final note, because I hadn’t been able to shop on line through lack of a card, I went through my cupboards etc. To see what I really needed and spent a whole £6.50 on my weekly shop!!

Still got to have my boobs crushed, but I’ll face that another day!



  1. Sorry to hear your news Pat but as you say, after a week like that, things can definitely onlye get better 🙂


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