Posted by: madkentdragon | January 28, 2011

Katie Hopkins, Equality & All That Jazz

No doubt I’m not the first to blog on this today and I probably won’t be the last.

 OK, that lady came out with some rather startling sound-bites, which did not endear her to at least 45% of the population.  But look where she started, she worked for the Army and although it is more egalitarian now, always used to be one of the most testosterone fuelled arenas there could be and therefore she aped her superiors to survive there.

However, I think that it also fed her insecurities as several years later, having got to the finals of the Apprentice, she had made no enquiries about child minders and panicked and refused the “Job”.  Therefore she now aggressively emits the masculine sounding phrases as a defence. I’ve been in a similar situation see my blog on “Why ‘Mad Kent Dragon’”.

Enough of that;  you may or may not agree with my thought, but I don’t mind. What I want to pass on is how in my life-time things have progressed; I first started work in the Civil Service and it was equal pay, which was great – but they tended to be a surrogate parent to any unmarried female employee! From women only hostels to dowries – yes a dowry was offered to any unmarried female worker who had been employed by the Civil Service for a certain number of years!

There was a catch though, you had to resign your post; after all a married woman’s place was at home in the 1960s, if you wished to continue working you could be employed – but at a lower pay grade! I did not encounter any married woman above a certain grade, so it was a very much biased “equality”.

We’ve come on from that, but did you realise that it was only in 1964 that it was legally acceptable for a housewife to keep 50% of any savings she made on her housekeeping allowance? Or that it was not until 1983 that the Equality Act, equal pay for equal jobs?

The bra-burning years passed me by as I was too busy with family to care about it, but I have always believed in equality, if I could drive a tractor on a farm and do the other jobs that a man was doing – why shouldn’t I get the same pay?

The silly talk by certain people who left a mike open will happen, after all it is a woman –shock horror – in a man’s world and it showed a certain ignorance and chest beating, high-lighted even more when the lady in question actually knew the “off-side rule”. But now, because of the publicity the poor woman cannot even referee a lower division match; so all have suffered.

There are still employers who find reasons to pay a woman less than a man and excuse it to themselves as economically viable and I do hope that this is soon stopped.

I won’t discuss the maternity leave or the proposed parental rights for fathers as I don’t understand them, but it is embarrassingly difficult to explain that you need a couple of days off because your child was ill, I even had a job, that when my ex-husband (he wasn’t ex then) was seriously ill, was asked by a supervisor  if it was necessary for me to only work a few hours a day and when would I be back full-time! That was in the mid 1990s!!

So no Miss Hopkins, we don’t expect special treatment – we wouldn’t be employed if we did! But look at your history, it has been a long hard battle and we still have some way to go yet. And by the way, I would never expect equal pay if I was working alongside a man and couldn’t do the same job as he did.



  1. Thank you Pat I could not believe what I was hearing If I had not watched it I would not of believed myself

    Thank You

    Jeff ;o) XXXX

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    • I’m unable to donate being on a tight pension & through health reasons cannot do much. However feed me info & I’ll promote it. Give me enough info & I’ll see if I can blog. But my posts don’t come to order – they come from the heart. The main charity I will always support is the RBL & it’s not just for the elderly! Also get yourself a Twitter account and that can be used to promote the charity. Also get yourself registered with the Charity Commission.

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