Posted by: madkentdragon | February 7, 2011


We are hearing a lot about the fact that multi-culturism doesn’t work and the arguments for and against – well here’s my take on it. If you don’t like it – remember this – I’ve seen this happen over the years and so have you!

We are British, whether from Scotland, Wales, England or Northern Ireland, we belong to the same community and we have always welcomed in other cultures and I’m not denigrating that. What does worry me is the lack of British pride; pride in this country, pride in our heritage and proud of who we are.

What we have become is a land of self-apologists, sorry for our Empire – why? Do other countries apologise for their past? Why should we;  remember that was a different age with different morals and ideas; so why judge them by today’s standards?  That was then, this is now and the “now” we have is appalling.

There was a resurgence in the 60s when we were all asked to Back Britain and Union Flags appeared on everything from carrier bags to knickers, and for a while we seemed to get our national pride back – so where is it now?

Watch footballers when the National Anthem is played, how many sing it? Why? They fight to represent this country and then don’t sing? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Come to that how many children actually know the words to it, is it taught in schools anymore? Why not? If it’s because there is a fear we will upset non-nationals, sorry but this country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and, if you do not teach this and sing it, you are submerging our culture.

Our heritage is great, we have a monarch who can trace her ancestry back hundreds of years, we were the first country to have a true parliament and tourists love to come and see our heritage. So why aren’t we proud of it?

How many times do we hear about people not being allowed to fly the Union Flag? Why, what are we ashamed of, is it any wonder that other cultures gain such a prominent place in our society?

We are not Europeans, we are not a state of America, we are British, so come on Britain – accept other peoples as we always have – but not as a replacement for British ways of life, be British and proud of it. Fly the Union Flag, sing the National anthem and resurrect our culture – it’s what made Britain great – let’s get that back.



  1. Totally agree Pat, we need to be proud of our heritage. My daughter knows 2 verses of National Anthem and belted them out at the Royal Albert Hall last November. Mind you, having parents so heavily involved with the RBL it’s not really surprising!!!

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