Posted by: madkentdragon | February 13, 2011

The Military Covenant and the Government’s Failure

The Military Covenant is an unwritten promise from the Government to the armed forces which states:

 You defend this country and go where we send you and be prepared to lay down your life for us and in return we will give you and your family a decent place to live. If you are killed, we will ensure your family is well looked after;  and should you be injured, we will look after you and make sure you have a place to live and have first class treatment for your injuries and won’t have to wait for treatment”

For years governments have ignored this, or only applied the parts that they really had to;

  • Need a house, go to the bottom of the council list
  • Injured, no industrial benefits – take what we offer
  • Got a problem in later life because of injury, join the list – most hospitals haven’t heard of the Covenant.
  • Home is damp, roof tiles falling off – it’s a house isn’t it?
  • Sorry your husband was killed, but we need your house
  • You’ve left & now you say you’ve got PTSD – not our problem
  • Badly injured, sorry mate you’re discharged got nothing you can do

This is why there are so many military charities about from small ones that concentrate on a specific point, to the larger one which cover most eventualities. From Combat Stress who deal solely with mental health problems, Help for Heroes who only deal with 2nd Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, BLESMA for amputees to SSAFA and the Royal British Legion who will help you with housing problems, debt counselling and sponsor training for a new trade amongst their many fields of excellence.

These Charities are picking up those discarded by the Services and Government and try to put them back into the society that has used and ignored them and give them the means to earn a fair wage in a “foreign environment”, far from the regimented life they have been used to.

This is what the Military Covenant is about, not a wishy washy report by the MOD on what they have done that year.

Look at what the Charities are doing, Mr Cameron and Mr Fox – this is what the Covenant is about, not a government department policing itself – the same department that has failed these people for years!

Finally, if you don’t agree with me ask yourself one question – Why isn’t the Government building and employing the staff for the new recuperation centres? Why is it being done by Charities?




  1. So well said Pat They want the Power that the forces give But wash there hands once there job is done.

    With you all the way

    ;o) XXX

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