Posted by: madkentdragon | May 11, 2011

Make the most of your bus pass!

OK – so you’re 60 and you’ve got a car, why do you need a bus pass?

Surely they are for old grannies who don’t drive?

No, not really – did you realise that by producing your bus pass at the park and ride that you get a discount?

Can save a few bob over the year!

Just popping down town for a few bits? Use your bus pass – catch the bus, no petrol and no parking fees – or driving round trying to find
somewhere to park.

It’s free to catch the bus and they normally drop you at the shopping/town centre.

Grab a few bus timetables – look for trips out.

Did you realise that by catching a bus to a local attraction you save two ways – no travel costs – your bus pass is ID for a senior citizen’s entry fee. You can’t lose.

Bored? Why not go to another town for the trip out?

The bus will take you through places you don’t normally see when zooming along on the A roads or motorway, and if there is a bus that will
take you a different route back, you’ve had a sightseeing trip as well as a wander round another town.

How much would that have cost you on a coach trip?

Two things: try to wait till 10 am to use the bus – less crowded and guaranteed a seat and avoid travelling when schools are letting the students out – it’s mayhem.

Apart from that – enjoy. Now where did I put my time tables, I fancy a trip to Tunbridge Wells, lots of blossom soon so a nice trip out, and
some nice shops – all for free!



  1. Some great ideas to explore- and save ! I don’t have a bus pass, but do spend time in France where for 1 euro you can have a one day pass- I’ve had great fun exploring the area- without worrying about parking !
    With the increased cost of petrol it makes sense to use the bus pass as much as possible!

  2. Thanks for the comments – it can save the average bus pass holder at least £5 a week & with buses going everywhere, you can explore as well

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