Posted by: madkentdragon | May 12, 2011

Botox on a Child? This is so Wrong plus update

I know I’ve blogged about kids being kids before, but this latest episode has really got up my nose!

An American mother administering Botox injections to an eight year old child! It seems that she also administers it to herself – well that’s
down to her if she puts the injection in the wrong place on her own face and suffers ill effects – but to do it to her child?

Botox is a poison and although it probably safe for adults, a child is a smaller being and I don’t care what anyone says, Botox administered to a small child over many years may cause damage – will the residue of the poison build up in the skin – who knows? It’s not meant for children!

Also what does this do to a child’s psychological health? Will she want Botox for the rest of her life? Being primped and painted for child beauty competitions is immoral anyway – it’s a paedophile’s dream seeing little girls all dressed up and painted like mini adults – stop it now!

This child will be so insecure without her Botox and frozen features, make-up and fancy clothes that I worry how she will survive adulthood.

Two more points to my rant – where is the mother getting it from – is it safe?

Mother stop living your life through your child – let her be a child!

I’m so pleased to be able to update this post to tell you that the US Child Protective Services have removed the little girl from her mother and the case is being investigated.

Thank goodness that common sense has prevailed; but now America please look at these Child Beauty Pageants and realise what damage they are doing, let ALL children live an innocent pressure free childhood.



  1. Pat, this is such a serious issue. Botox (and other botulinum toxins) is a prescription drug and should only be used as part of a treatment where the ‘patient’ has a consultation with a medical professional qualified to prescribe. Ideally this should be face to face. I doubt if ANY doctor would prescribe botox for a child for aesthetic purposes- although my understanding is had medical applications- such as helping cerebral palsy and also squints.
    Much of the so called ‘botox’ bought over the internet may not even be genuine- there have even been cases of people buying rat poison believing it to be botox from websites. The genuine article can only be obtained on prescription.
    It doesn’t reflect well on the mother at all!

  2. Thanks, I did this a lay-person and as a mum, grandma & great grandma – it horrified me and the US TV filmed it!!
    I have always believed you should preserve the innocence of the young x

  3. I share your horror Pat. I have seen so many young people and women of all ages feeling dissatisfaction with their faces and bodies over my years in private practice. A child needs support and reassurance and to be told how beautiful she is and not chemically ‘treated’ to ‘feel’ acceptable.

    I do think we need to look at the messages we send out as adults too, if we can discover our own acceptance then the young can only benefit.

    Thanks for your care Pat x

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