Posted by: madkentdragon | May 20, 2011

Dreaming V Imagination

I was asked a couple of days ago if I dream, the answer was no. Why? Well here’s the reason – my dreams as a youngster were of archaeology or missionary work – in my very young mind preferably combining the two!

Unfortunately my chance of going to university was low as everything had to be paid for and there was very little available, plus I took the first of many wrong terms in my life.

I suppose the dream of missionary work ended up in me working for a charity, so I was helping people and archaeology – well I was dealing with some very old folk at times!

All other dreams faded or crashed and burned in much the same way until I imagined myself being self sufficient – and that worked!

Then came dreams of foreign holidays – oh not sitting on beaches or hotel pools, but wandering off the beaten track and watching and listening to how the real people of that country spoke, ate and shopped. I had fun trying to find the words for bread and milk etc in a few languages and I
loved eating where the locals were eating, trying different recipes – some I didn’t like but lots I did; but it was all new and filled hungry soul.

Then I became ill, retired and money was not available for these trips, so I stopped dreaming about them because it would only lead to disappointment. I’m a realist and accept the limits to my life, walking up a slope usually means stopping half way to get my breath and it’s embarrassing.

So I started on Twitter and found out about blogs, I didn’t know what blogs were! I’d been too busy working and doing other things to explore, but when I found out that was it.

At first I exorcised my soul and put down my previous life, and then started to write some little bits on the unusual histories about places – I still do when I get the time, but this led to a few people suggesting that I write stories – in fact I was challenged to write a story!

That challenge made me open my mind – I’ve always loved reading and so I understood how various styles of writing appealed to different readers
– but then I thought that this wasn’t how I should do it – I should just be me and try and tell the stories as if I was talking to you and so that is what I did.

Where do the ideas come from? I don’t know – but my imagination has a field day; I write the first paragraph and then walk away from it and let my imagination take over and write it, sometimes it doesn’t work out and it ends up being deleted – but quite a few times it does – and not how I expected it to!

“The Cat” should have been the girl finding the stray and getting involved in a rescue centre – but my imagination turned it into a ghost!

“It Is So Sweet” was meant to find the amnesiac woman and that her murdered husband was part of a drugs ring – but it turned into a revenge killing!

I could go on, but you can look at the first paragraph of each story and see what I mean. So “No” I don’t dream, but my imagination has learned how to run free!



  1. Hello Pat I did enjoy your blog if that is how your imagination works then you are on the way to writing that book, be it a novel or short stories. It never stops and some great things come from imagination. I look forward to reading more.



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