Posted by: madkentdragon | May 27, 2011

It’s not my fault wins again

So a sacked head of department got her compensation and was wrongly dismissed, I’m not surprised really. If everybody who made a mistake or ten got instantly dismissed, there would be few bosses left.

However, this was not an order gone wrong, or even a large monetary deficit, it was about the neglect and ultimate loss of a child’s life.

OK, she wasn’t the health visitor, or doctor and these must also shoulder the blame, it was about a department that was so mismanaged that a child died.

Why? Now I don’t know all the reasons, but one thing is obvious to me – whenever there is a poor attitude at work – it comes from the top down. If this was not so, then a misfiled report would be questioned so would a missed appointment.

But I think the whole thing comes down to money, not enough eyes on the ground watching for maltreatment and neglect, if senior management
and middle management were paid on results; then perhaps they would not sit in their offices calling pointless meetings and “away days”, but actually manage and if short staffed get out and help.

Until we have enough health visitors and well trained experienced people out there doing the job, this will happen time and time again; there will be hand wringing and tears – but another child will be badly beaten and killed – suffering at the hands of some bully with a wife or girl friend too stupid or frightened to do anything about it.

So instead of paying fat cat salaries to “It’s not my fault” – make them earn less, use the rest to employ more health workers and make the middle management ensure that cases are reported and followed up.

Make sure the disillusioned are given the back up and encouragement to continue with what must seem to them a pointless job at times and give them the help to produce results – we lose experienced health workers and social service workers every day because of this.

To summarise, pay the “It’s not my fault brigade less”, make them responsible for the outcome of their departments, make middle management
more efficient and make them get out of the office one day a week to follow up on at least one case of suspected abuse and give the visitors the help, encouragement and back up to do their jobs properly, so that no more babies and toddlers are killed or abused.

One final question, if there are not enough caseworkers on the ground, ask your council WHY NOT?? Because if you don’t “It’s not my fault” will always win.


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