Posted by: madkentdragon | June 2, 2011

A Caring Society?

So another scandal has hit the headlines, Winterbourne View Residential Hospital was staffed with people who you expected to see in X-rated
horror movies and the abuse was horrific, so much so that I could not watch the whole programme.

I am pleased that it has been brought out in the open, but why wasn’t it investigated before? This terrible treatment of our most vulnerable people denied the right to live comfortable and peaceful lives, looked after by people who care.

How many more times are these Government Agencies that we fund from our taxes going to be found wanting? How many more exposés will we
have to brace ourselves for before the country wakes up and says “What’s gone wrong, what is wrong with this country?”

Go back a few years and it was the MRSA and e-coli outbreak at my local hospital, fortunately I didn’t have to visit it during those times, but I know someone who did – she caught the e-coli and is still several years later, on a special diet. – and it’s expensive for pensioners.

Nothing happened until it hit the headlines – why? Why was it allowed to get to this state – where were the government inspectors?

Who cared?

The cleaning was done by a private company, and they didn’t clean properly, beds were pushed too close together that enabled the infection to spread – why wasn’t it stopped?

Money, high salaries for those managers who were too busy making sure they kept their jobs, nurses being disheartened by poor pay and the
apparent neglect at the top and a cleaning company too pleased to take the money and cut corners to make a profit.

No-one cared about anything but themselves and ticking the right boxes on their paperwork so that those who were “entitled” got bonuses.

Baby Peter, doctors missing signs, social workers and health visitors too rushed off their feet – and not enough of them, middle management
guarding their jobs and inundated with paperwork and a boss who would not even take the blame for her mismanagement.


Bonuses to pad out disproportionate wages, too much paperwork and too busy ticking the boxes to earn these bonuses.

Who cared?

And now this latest scandal, same story – where were the management company, did they only care about profit? Where was the manager –
ticking boxes to earn a bonus?

Where was the organisation who were supposed to check these homes? Too busy checking boxes to earn their bonuses to go out and do the job
they were paid for?

Who Cared?

Come on Government, stop posing and preaching and start by caring for the vulnerable people in our society. You want a big society? Well here it is – full of people who don’t care, provided they can tick their boxes and earn their bonuses.

Bonuses should be abolished from banks through civil servants to the bottom layer of wage earners, instead – increase the minimum wage, make sure that these useless governing bodies are working properly and checking that things are running properly in their domain – from the FSA
downwards this is not happening.


Too much unnecessary paperwork foisted on too many people – and it’s frequently duplicated, too many bonuses paid to too many people and
not enough people on the ground floor where the actual work is carried out.

Who Cares?

Not the Government – don’t care who’s in power – it has happened under both sides – stop pontificating and having knee jerk reactions. Get off your backsides, get out into your constituencies and check for yourself – because the people you employ to do it aren’t! Oh yes and don’t charge us too many expenses to do it!

Who Cares?

I care and so do a lot of people like me who have no power or say in this, even the government we elect don’t seem to care – because  IT’S STILL HAPPENING.



  1. Like you I care Pat and let’s hope that enough of us care to make a difference. I do believe there are good and caring people out there, like many of us. I see them at the hospice, angels with patience.

  2. Good to bring these things out in the open and highlight the failings!! We must all bring pressure to ensure that the vulnerable are safe and that funds are allocated to front-line care and not bureaucracy!

  3. Good post. There is a fundamental flaw in the way care services are scrutinised and the way in whcih private care homes can employ people with minimal qualifications. The programme highlights how dreadfully lax the CQC are an that the whole regulatory system is rubbish. Paying low wages at these care homes (£16K) will only attract the wrong sort of people. As a trained nurse I feel that caring for people with additional needs is in fact more challenging and therefore those in the caring role need to be highly qualified. It feels like people who have no voice can be sidelined as they won’t fight back. Therefore its up to those of us with the love and compassion for our fellow human beings to do it on their behalf. I hope to god the justice system actually works and the perpatrators are incarcerated for a very long time.

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