Posted by: madkentdragon | June 19, 2011

Internet Abuse and Bullying

Do you remember Alice Pyne and her bucket list? The 15 year old with terminal cancer who wanted to fulfil a few ambitions before the end.

I am sorry to say that, although most of us cheered her on or looked for ways to help, there were others who thought it clever to insult and verbally abuse her.

Now I can’t pretend to understand what happens in the minds of people who do this sort of thing, and little Alice isn’t the only one this has happened to; but it disgusts and upsets most decent people. This sick behaviour is bullying, pure and simple – but it is bullying anonymously, so that there is no recourse.

These people are cowards, so much so, that they can hide behind the “anonymous” on the drop down menu on the comments section.

Why do we have to have this option, if people want to say something, then go ahead and say it – but don’t use the “anonymous” option – say who you are. Stop abusing the internet, give peace to this little girl and others who you have bullied in the past and leave them alone.

I hope one day these people can be named and shamed.

Stop this abuse now!



  1. Even though there is a fine line between Censorship and freedom of speech I can only agree whole heartedly with the above. Anonymous does not give you Bullying or any other rights above the rest of us ;o) XXX

  2. Very strong and true subject, I completely agree with all that you say here. I post online, too, and have come across many of that kind. Unfortunatly the internet and world is full of inconsiderate immature cowards. I got to the stage of just ignoring those that came and slated what I said, when leaving no names. They really are not worth our time. Great subject and I’m sure many will share their own, unfortunate, scenarios with you. Kind regards Dan

  3. I will name and shame. @Morton457_ this idiot continues abusing people – mainly famous tweeters – wishing they would die, wishing their kids get flu and die, racist & homophobic remarks. And he is still allowed to continue. Twitter have eventually investigated and have claimed he can continue… jike! There is a thin line regarding expression – this prat often crosses it

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