Posted by: madkentdragon | July 28, 2011

Are We As Morally Bankrupt as The Tabloids?

OK, I’m getting on in years and was brought up to think fame was something you earned and that you did right; if you didn’t that the truth would find you out.

Well the truth is finding out those who have done wrong at last, but how has it got this bad? Why did it happen?

Are we all really that morally bankrupt?

Well perhaps not and many right minded people (nothing to do with politics) are throwing their hands up in horror as victim after victim and
innocent parents of victims from the military to young children are found to be victims of this phone hacking.

But how many of us salaciously read the stories, from stupid phone calls from royals to the gossip of the rich and famous. Come to think of it why are “celebrities” famous, because we are taken in by their over-the-top antics which belong in the comic books – not news papers?

Yet we lapped up over inflated pneumatic blondes falling drunkenly out of cars with their latest conquest – what would you have said if that was your daughter?

We worshipped football stars and sniggered when their affairs were revealed- would you have sniggered if it had been your son?

The phones were hacked to try to reveal hidden stories or salacious gossip about the victims that would have been splashed all over the tabloids – would we have read them? Of course we would.

I’m not excusing what those reporters did – they were so wrong that if they all spent the rest of their lives in solitary confinement it wouldn’t be long enough.

But are we any better for lapping up the excrement that they spewed forth; we didn’t complain when it was printed – ah but, you say – we didn’t
know how they got the information, that’s true but you still read it and because you did, they went further digging themselves further into the mire of human emotion in the hope of fishing out a juicy titbit.

And by the way, we all knew they were hacking phones with “Camilla-gate and “Squidgy-gate” didn’t we?

I hope that all those who have been involved in this sewer of “hack-gate” get their just rewards and we can have a clean informative decent press.



  1. Well said Pat- it seems people are becoming famous for the sake of fame and not achievement, by buying the newspapers we are encouraging it !

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