Posted by: madkentdragon | August 7, 2011

Riots, What’s the Point?

There was a shooting, police were involved and an enquiry started, unfortunately the wheels of enquires turn very slowly and I can understand the impatience and protest outside the police station, it was unfortunate and undiplomatic that someone didn’t come out to speak to them.

At this stage all that was wanted was some statement of information, which would have quelled the anger that was building, instead it appears that one over nervous or hot headed officer may have lashed out at a girl.

Suddenly all hell breaks out, and some idiots attack some police cars and then a bus, why was this necessary? Did it get you any information; did it put in a formal complaint about the hot head?

No, all it did was encourage more violence and a building was set on fire – now of course the timing here is crucial – it was the end of a Saturday night’s drinking – did those coming out of the pubs care about the original protest or did they just see “fun”?

Families became scared and some moved out for the night,especially those with young children – but what did they come home to? One family found that the whole of their flat had been looted, there was nothing left. What had this family done wrong?

Nothing, but now they too are victims – victims of the mob; does this serve any campaign for justice? The shops, small shopkeepers as well as the bigger chains were burnt and looted, what did these small shopkeepers do to you? They were your neighbours! They have nothing left, did this help your campaign or will it detract from it with people feeling sorry for them and condemning the mob rule.

So, you who set fire to the shops, stole from your neighbours, where will you get your shopping from? Where will your neighbours get the wherewithal to refurnish their homes and re-clothe themselves? Insurance doesn’t pay out for riots! Will you help them?

I have taken part in protests, I’ve marched, even sat in the middle of a road to protest about something, but never did it ever sink to this lowest form of vandalism and thievery and destruction.

By doing this, you have demeaned your campaign and ruined your own neighbourhood and by setting light to things lit the beacon for those who revel in this type of mob rule to come and join you.



  1. You and I know how futile this sort of conduct is – problem is those engaged in the rioting did not benefit from education sufficiently to make their point sans violence. All their life, when denied something, they have kicked off. New sore points arise – if was a police bullet that hit the officer, the civilian’s gun was wrapped in a sock, young girl battered by riot shields. The IPCC inquiry will need to investigate and rule on these – thus delaying even more the report

  2. The rioters don’t seek justice, they have no faith in corrupt authorities, they live in a society that feeds on the negative, kids as young as ten were looting, what do they know of all the good deeds done daily, can they even understand the need and length of investigations, when they think they have nothing in comparison to their piers, an opportunity like that is hard to ignore.

  3. Looks fascinating, I came here via a twitter link am keen to know where this place is but haven’t found out from a quick scan.

    I ‘sort of’ know Kent, well the bit between Sittingbourne and Maidstone and Thanet.

    Anyway I have ended up getting a WordPress account just to say this.

    It is probably a case of too much haste and very slow speed!

  4. Ok I Googled it.

    Some place near Aylesford Priory and the paper works.

    In recent times I have had occasion to attend meetings at the Secure Unit of the new Psychiatric place at Barming, where I was astounded to discover they still have an ECT treatment section with its own little waiting room.

    I really am done now.

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