Posted by: madkentdragon | August 8, 2011

An Imagined Conversation This Monday Morning

Reporter: “Hello, young man – what’s the matter”

Young Man: “Can’t sign on, can I?”

“Why can’t you sign on?”

“’Cos the mob smashed up the dole office on Friday night”

“Did you see the riot?”

“Yeah, man it was great, threw some bricks through the job centre window and my mate went in and smashed the place up”

“So that’s why you can’t sign on”

“It’s not fair, I won’t get my dole paid into my bank account, and can’t use the cash machine neither”

“Well they were smashed up and the money stolen, yeah but I spent that on some blinging new trainers off my mate and a new telly – it’s enormous!”

“So that’s why you can’t get any money out!”

“It’s not fair, I want to get my last tenner out! And my mum can’t go to bingo”

“Why not?”

“It got burnt down and now she has got to go further to get the food in and there ain’t many busses”

“Well, if the bingo hall and supermarket hadn’t been burned down and the busses attacked then she would be all right”

“It’s not fair”

“Tell me young man, why did you join in the rioting?”

“I saw it on the telly and I thought it was fun, ‘cos I was bored! Hang on me phone’s goin’, can’t stop off to Hackney!”


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