Posted by: madkentdragon | November 29, 2011

McMullan, Celebrities and The Strike

I have been watching the Leveson Enquiry, not avidly but from time to time; but I must admit I did listen spell bound to McMullan; his “it’s not my fault” attitude was so horrific.

Well, sir, who carries the blame? You blamed your editors and said that most people courted publicity, OK perhaps some of them did but not all.

I will admit to reading the News of the World, my ex used to buy it, but all the scandal passed me by, I was more interested in how my football teams that I supported did – we had a reversal in our house – the male didn’t follow any sport and I followed most!

We all knew certain film stars got up to naughties, but there again so did my next-door-neighbour who entertained various gentlemen and held wife swapping parties, to which I hasten to add we were not invited.

That wasn’t news-worthy and neither were the sneaked photos and rumours of various film stars and the modern day celebrities who are famous for what? These are prurient and cringeworthy but definitely not newsworthy.

If proper reporters reported real news instead of this rubbish, perhaps people would be more interested in what’s happening in the world around us and then perhaps we could have put a stop to the financial muddle we are in now.

Instead of this, we have a country more interested in “What Katie did next and with whom” than bothering to vote in a strike ballot or in any elections – be they local or national. The public have been anaesthetised by this rubbish and then complain because the cost of living has gone up.

Get real, people, stop blurring your mind with celebrities and start reading the news, there are conflicts happening in several parts of the world – but could your average tabloid reader be able to list more than one? I bet he could list at least ten celebrities though!

By the way, I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it now – Celebrities were people we celebrated for doing something better, quicker or in an improved way – then we CELEBRATED these people. Television is no better, digging out Z-listers for their “celebrity reality shows” and getting them to do revolting tricks to entertain us – Yuk!

So tomorrow there is a strike, I asked three different local council workers why they are striking – all said something about losing their pensions, – no you’re not – you’ve just got to come in line with the private sector – and not one realised this.

Why? Well the papers they read fill their minds with junk and Mr McMullan, if you didn’t take those pictures – perhaps there would have been space for real news.



  1. I agree with all you have to say until you got to the strike and then I with due respect I beg to differ. But as they say the sign of true friendship is to be able to accept each other’s pov. I accept your point of view 🙂

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