Posted by: madkentdragon | January 16, 2012

Compassion in Farming and Elsewhere

Yesterday I read a blog about man’s inhumanity to animals at an abattoir that had been recommended to the writer for its humane methods. The fact that this was meant to be a place where animals were meant to be dispatched with the minimum of pain and fear – but had degenerated into one that wasn’t, begs several questions.

When the complainant rang, the managers blamed the fact that certain edicts from the EU meant that animals had to be loaded into trailers to wait their turn and did not enter the place of death until necessary, but it did not explain why it had not produced enough trailers for the animals to be kept securely and calmly, nor did they explain why employees were mistreating animals.

They vowed to put it right, but shouldn’t it have been “right” in the first place, where was the supervisory capacity that could have reported the lack of trailers and the prevention of bad treatment? Was it economics?

Secondly, why had no other farmer, owner or whatever who had brought animals along not complained?

Thirdly, why has it become necessary to explore these companies to find ones with a compassionate view point? Hasn’t abattoir cruelty been outlawed? Who checks these places?

Before you all throw your hands in the air and think “here’s another nutter” – I do eat meat and for years I never gave a thought to this; having more immediate concerns of raising a family etc. to worry about.

But now – yes, I have the time and since retiring have spent time exploring the world – mainly through the eyes of my laptop and when things come to my attention I do try and blog about them to raise awareness about the problems. Let’s face it reading a blog about this has caused me to write this one.

I’m not telling you all to give up meat – protein is an essential part of our diet – and not all of us want to turn to alternatives; also what would happen to all the livestock? They would be of no value and unless insured against a mass exodus of carnivores, most farmers could not afford to have them put down.

Would they be turned out on to waste land to fend for themselves? These are slightly domesticated animals and there is not enough common land to sustain the animals, so they would starve, injure themselves and continue to breed. Deer and other “wild animals” are cared for usually – but who would care for all the farm livestock?

Poaching would be rife as a black market would emerge for fresh meat, do poachers care how they slaughter?

I am concerned about the whole uncaring business; surely it is not too much to ask that although these animals have been bred for the table that they should be treated humanely at the point of death – or do people not care anymore?

It is really only one small step away from this to the atrocious treatment we’ve all read about in care homes and nursing homes, and if the abattoir situation is as bad as some seem to think – how many elderly or vulnerable people are suffering behind closed doors?

Come on Britain – where’s your compassion?


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