Posted by: madkentdragon | January 17, 2012

A Few Thought on Live Animal Export

After yesterday’s post on inhumane treatment of animals in abattoirs, I have been asked by @ciwf to do another on live exports.

I’m no expert on this subject, so forgive me if I make mistakes – but there is one question I must ask and that is “Why is it necessary to export live animals in this day and age?”

We have abattoirs here, that with more supervision could dispatch the livestock humanely, skilled butchers to do the necessary and efficient freezer containers to ship the meat abroad; so why does it have to happen this way?

Animals, packed tightly in to wagons are driven for hours to the port, with no relief – the drivers will stop for their breaks, lavatory and refreshments, but the animals are left, scared in the trailers.

When they reach the port, there’s no respite – no pasture for them, not even any water – so these animals by now are scared, standing in effluent, unfed and thirsty and the worst has not yet happened. They are then driven on to ferries and left, still in their cramped containers to suffer a voyage that they do not understand in the dark. The ship could be sailing in any kind of sea and how many of these animals are injured by falling as the boat moves – I don’t know – do you?

By now these animals could have been without water for up to seventy hours, and they still have to arrive at their point of destination which could be anywhere in Europe or beyond.

The reason – well there are several – one is for the butcher to claim that the country of origin is the country it is sold in – but it’s British – well yes, but if it is killed in France or any other country, it is classed as being from that country of origin.

Secondly are the historic religious demands that animals should be voided of blood before being eaten – nothing wrong with that; but what is wrong is the barbaric way it is done. I won’t go into the ways it is done – but suffice it to say that I don’t believe it is necessary, gravity will ensure all blood flows free after death – so why is it necessary for them to be alive?

What makes people act so barbarically – and just as important – why are animals sold and exported for this? They have been through a horrendous journey and then to go through this type of death. It is not necessary and beggars belief that any religion would demand this barbarity.

Some animals travel without food or water for up to seventy hours – that’s nearly three days and three nights – in cramped condition with no food or water. Would you let your cat or dog suffer this way? So why are we selling livestock to be treated like this?

Veal calves are strictly governed in this Britain, so why do the authorities allow very young calves to be exported to be raised as veal in circumstances that are illegal here? Come on – government – why do you allow this?

Animals are injured in transit, but where are the vets to check them over at the ports? No surprise, there are none – so an animal packed in with others can be dying or in severe pain and no one knows or cares? Shame on you!

Trucks are poorly ventilated, so now it’s no water, possibly injured and overheated – and this is livestock coming from Britain for profit. I know our farmers are fighting to keep their heads above water and that the trucking industry are finding it hard to keep afloat with all the fuel increases, but do they need to climb up on the suffering carcases of animals to achieve this?

Stop exporting live animals now!



  1. Excellent piece that need to be publicised much more x

  2. Hi Pat

    I have read your blog and the only explanation I can give you is in one word… MONEY!

    This evening I watched Country File and they dealt with the veal question. Talking to one farmer he said it would cost too much to rear these animals and he did not have the room.

    An old outbuilding made draft proof straw on the ground and there you are. They could be reared and then sent for slaughter and refrigerated just as you said to be taken to the continent. But the farmers are too self centered and short sighted to see any profit in this plus no one has bothered to inform the public that they are missing out on home grown British Veal which is a low fat, low cholesterol meat.

    Well done, a good article with many good points.

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