Posted by: madkentdragon | January 31, 2012

Unemployment, Housing – an Answer – Simples?

Two of the main problems in this country at the moment are youth unemployment and a lack of affordable housing for those on benefits or low wages.

I have a solution – don’t know whether you will agree with me, but to me it seems straight forward.

Identify housing that is unoccupied and neglected, there are certain rules on this – but there are plenty of neglected and unoccupied properties out there. Councils are permitted to take them over, renovate them and use them for seven years before handing them back to the absentee owner.

Once a number of houses or flats have been identified, then conscript all 17 year olds from the unemployment list and identify any brickies etc who are also unemployed and set them to work on a basic wage and expedite any top ups that family people may need. The government say that they have apprentice funds – the council could apply for a subsidy for the youngsters – after all they will be off the unemployment list!

If a day is taken off then the person won’t get paid, just as if you were at work – if a job interview or a genuine sick day is needed then that could be accommodated. This will get away from the money for nothing syndrome.

The result would be some trained painters and decorators and perhaps a few trainee bricklayers, plasterers etc who have at least had some work experience to put them on the right path – plus there would be some social housing for those on the list.

The council will benefit from the rent and the cheaper maintenance and the absentee landlord would receive back a property that he could now use or let.

Too simplistic? If you think it is, then tell me what you would do? Remember that the Welfare & NHS have been made too complicated to survive, so why can’t something simple work?



  1. What you have said here is so very true. However, I do wonder if it is not government policy to keep people in hardship. Yes councils could start these schemes, and the lines you have set out would be just and correct. But would the government give the councils the monies they ask for? or would they say we cannot give it you at the moment because…..

    There are no apprenticeships in the UK anymore, and the psychic of some of the younger generation seems not in learning a trade, but earning big bucks straight away with no skills and not much general education. They do not seem to understand that learning a skilled trade can lead to the big bucks.

    Learning a trade which is useful and necessary such as plumbing, bricklaying, carpentry etc., takes time but the piece of paper they receive at the end is British and means far more than they can do the job. With this they can go anywhere in the world and people will know they have been trained well and served their apprenticeship and are skilled.

    If the outlines you have put forward were implemented and those who took up the opportunities were made to feel that they were special then there is a way forward.

    As for being to simplistic yes it is, but more than that it is common sense and that could be it’s down fall especially lined alongside your comments on the national health. Oh yes anyone thought that the Governments actions in that direction is in making the NHS a private industry taking away the peoples rights to free health and sending Britain back to the dark ages before it was installed?

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