Posted by: madkentdragon | February 17, 2012

BBC Question Time and the March of the Clones.

As I sat and watched BBC Question Time last night, I could feel my blood pressure rise – unusual as I suffer from low blood pressure – but such was my annoyance that I wanted to scream at that one eyed monster showing me this rubbish.

Now I am usually the type of person who lets most things go over her head, but not this time. What got me so upset? It’s this: No matter who is on the panel from the government, they all say the same things.

What I would like to hear is some honest to goodness opinions from the person, not quotes from some spin doctor’s script as if the person has had to learn some prose for an aural examination and was so eager to pass that the words were quoted verbatim.

Why oh why won’t the government let their representatives actually speak their own minds, let them give their own opinions, or are they so worried about someone saying something off the party line?

I could sit there each week and close my eyes, but I would still know when some government clone was speaking, and they are clones who are so interchangeable that it doesn’t matter who is sitting on that panel they all spout the same stuff.

David Dimbleby must be so fed up with it – you can almost see his eyes glaze over, mind you the young “rebel” and the self satisfied “business woman” weren’t much better!

So instead of having a government clone speaking from the script, why don’t the government put forward a couple of the spin doctors who could sit there and say “This is what we are paid to make you believe”, because I don’t believe the clones any more.

I want true honest opinion, not government spin.



  1. I share your frustration Pat but I think they spout the same stuff because in the main they believe it. That’s why they’re in that party and not some other. I think it would be nice if occasionally they voiced doubts but I’m not sure that would work because the public in the main want certainty. Thanks for sharing your opinion 🙂

    • But my point is that if they do believe it, why can’t they use their own words & not a script from some spin doctor

  2. Now look here young Jedi you were not supposed to notice the clones – just yet….. however since you have you will now know that none of them have any brains. Which means that no, they cannot think for themselves, which makes them a ‘spin doctors’ dream.

    I now wonder if you and others noticed they were surreptitiously looking over their collective shoulders to see if Darth Dave is watching.

    May the force be with you.

  3. Agree with you Pat. And remember Michael:

    ‘Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.. Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”

    Yoda (the ultimate spin doctor or political advisor?)

  4. If you stick to the script then the oft repeated becomes the truth or enough people believe it’s the truth. Btw I think Question Time has outlived it’s usefulness and one of the reasons is that difference or debate is not explored in a useful way. As to the the government letting their representatives speak ‘their own mind’ isn’t the reason they don’t do that, because it’s not politics now it’s a business and a brand? Who said we get the government we deserve?

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