Posted by: madkentdragon | April 12, 2012

Water,Water Everywhere?

It’s raining now, but we have a water shortage; I know we need a lot more but why is this happening? We can blame the water companies for their neglect of their delivery system and it’s true that when we see gallons of water jetting into the air or flooding a street that the problem is there.

Their neglect does have consequences and, yes, we haven’t had a lot of rain – but there is one point that no-one seems to be taking into account.

Cast your mind back fifty or so years ago – if you can – and remember how the country looked then; as you can guess from my nom-de-plume, I live in Kent and I can remember being able to see agricultural land wherever I went.

It wasn’t all beautiful orchards filled with blossom bearing trees, or acres of luscious strawberries, but vegetables marched row after row towards the horizon as well. All these fields, woodlands and even neglected corners were full of growing things, firmly rooted in soil.

Slowly, sometimes not so slowly these fields are being replaced by housing, roads and industrial estates which have changed the area from the Garden of England to something akin to a metropolis connected by motorways.

So now where the soil accepted the water and drew it down into the ground water stores (aquifers) or allowed it to run off into streams and rivers where it fed reservoirs, concrete or tarmac shrug it off and it is drained into sewage works.  Therefore we have less available sources of water.

Also on these concreted and tarmacked areas houses are built and these houses shrug off the water as well – even more so when patios and decking areas are added. Now these houses contain the most water hungry animals ever created – man; loos flush, showers and baths run, washing machines churn – need I go on?

So I put this to you, when planners agree to a new housing estate – I know we need the housing – do they ever take into account when they assess the infrastructure that water will be needed?

You hear of roads, schools and other facilities being discussed – but what about water availability? It seems that we have taken our water supplies for granted for far too long and never learn the lessons from previous events.

We can blame the weather, we British are good at that, but I put it to you that if you have 100 gallons of water underground and remove 90 of them because we have put some new houses up, we are going to need a flood reminiscent of Noah to replace it.

It’s time planners and water companies got together and sorted this problem out – whether it is by more reservoirs, desalination plants or issuing water storage facilities to every household is up to them – but now is the time to act before Britain becomes a desert.



  1. Very informative as always Pat…I had no idea building housing etc would affect water issues!!! We don’t seem to have a ban at the moment up north but I won’t give them too long to come up with it!! xxx

  2. I totally agree with your opinion there is too much building on both food land and water meadows which does not allow for nature to work. Wonder what will happen when they discover there is not only no land to grow food but no water to drink third world Britain governed by greedy ritch magnets with government for best buddies.

    Well said Pat well said.

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