Posted by: madkentdragon | April 23, 2012

Political Servants or Political Elite?

I was half watching the BBC News Channel earlier and Nadine Dorres was criticising the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, stating that they had no idea how normal people live and probably couldn’t tell you how much a pint of milk cost.

I know that there is previous history between Ms Dorres and David Cameron and may have just dismissed her remarks – I don’t know the cost of a pint of milk because I buy it in bags at 2 for £1.50 for economy – but she had stated something that has worried me for some time.

Most of our senior ministers have lived a life cushioned by wealth and seem to exude an attitude of “We know best, go away you plebs”. I may be wrong and I sincerely hope that I am – but look at the evidence.

Petitions that achieved the correct number of signatures have been refused – why? Various bills that cut benefits have been passed with no concern for the people who were affected, child benefit became a fiasco because it penalised some and not others. To me it seems that a decision is made by the elite with no real thought for the consequences, because that’s the way it’s got to be.

Now I always believed that anyone who was paid by the country was a servant of the country, the military for example serve the country by defending it – or are supposed to – not their fault – so who are the MPs serving? Their country or their political party?

If the country was being served, some of these cuts would not have happened – I know the country is in debt – so why “big us up” by lending money to the IMF; do we owe money to the IMF? If we do surely it would serve this country better to repay the debt rather than lend it money?

Charities are now indirectly targeted by the proposed taxing of donations – none of our high flyers have ever needed to claim help from one – but many thousands do, I never thought that food banks would be needed in this country; we were meant to have a safety net in the welfare service, but that’s gone now, and charities may have less money to help.

So our political elite decide our fate but I would like to challenge them to live for six months in a damp house with only the basic welfare payments to survive on – they may find pasties are too expensive!

Sorry, I’ve rambled on a bit – but it’s time our political elite realised that the people cannot suffer to make this country look good and pay all its debts within one political term.



  1. Oh well said Pat. As you know I have been putting these points for some while as I think exactly like you and, I am certain, most of the country. But where as I am blunt you are soft and gentle then you put the punch in go girl go look forward to your next blog

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