Posted by: madkentdragon | May 29, 2012

Fishing Quotas and Dumped Fish – just a thought…..

With fishing quotas up for discussion, I think that people need to think outside the box, if you will excuse the terrible use of language – but standing outside of that proverbial box, I had an idea.

When fishermen go to sea, they have to return any small fish or any fish over their quota back to the sea. But these fish are already dead – the return to the sea won’t revive them, they are not going to spawn and produce more fishes; they won’t be food for the bigger fishes who aren’t bottom feeders – the only creatures these dead fish feed are gulls and other sea birds.

Instead of this waste, why doesn’t Oxfam or another charity supply the fishermen with special boxes in which to store these rejected fish in ice which can be collected at the quay side and either frozen or dried and used to feed people in famine struck areas?

Fisherman won’t get paid for these, but on the other hand wouldn’t satisfaction be gained in knowing that the fish would be used instead of returning dead and dying fish back to the sea.

It’s just a thought, but do you agree?



  1. It’s an idea, I agree. But I’m sure the EU would find something illegal about it!

  2. Thanks – do you want to repost on 2020uk?

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  4. Umm this is a pet sore of mine.

    The fishermen do nothing to help re-stock the seas you only have to look at the Japanese and other eastern countries let alone Europe, to see where all this is going. The only large fish are round the oil rigs and thats only because there is an exclusion zone there. Not good signs is it but its the nets that are the answer if they were made so that fish of a certain size or above were only caught, and the smaller ones could swim out free it MIGHT work. But somewhere along the line (forgive the pun) somebody is obviously cheating because I was under the impression that there was already a law just for that. Oh well untill they take all the fish and go out of business nothing will be done.

    Here endith the first lesson…..

  5. Agree with that, but I was thinking about the small inshore fisherman, like those at Hastings etc.

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