Posted by: madkentdragon | June 2, 2012

Coronation Memories

The coronation 59 years ago, one year after the Queen acceded to the throne, was an exciting day for a five year old (me) and the year of 1953 included a lot of firsts.

I don’t remember much about King George’s death, although most men wore black arm bands – I wonder if that would happen today?  But 1953 – well what a wonderful year – I started school, Loose County Primary School after the Easter holidays and was in a class of about forty kids, but I loved it.

Then came the day off for the coronation, neighbours of ours had bought a television, it was a great big wooden box with a little screen that showed what was happening as it happened, marvellous! We all sat round this little screen, us kids sat on cushions on the floor and had to keep still so that the grown-ups could see as well.

All those people dressed up with tiaras and posh frocks was a fantastic sight for me and the Queen looked really beautiful and the singing and all those soldiers, sailors and airmen standing to attention, it started a life-long love affair with all the ceremonial occasions that the British are good at.

Close on that wonderful day was a big fair and party in the local King George V playing field and I can remember getting a consolation prize in the fancy dress, I went as a Dutch girl. Lots went on that day, but most is lost in the forgotten memories of the past.

Finally the whole school went to the cinema to watch the whole coronation and procession in glorious colour. A fleet of motor-buses drew up outside and our teachers herded us on board and off we went. That was another first for me – you see the only buses I had been on were trolley buses – so a motor bus was another adventure, as was going to the pictures.

We all had to draw pictures about it the next day, and I wasn’t very good at art – but I used lots of colours because it was so colourful and exciting.

Yes, coronation year was a thrilling year and the coronation was the best thing ever for a little five year old and to still have that same monarch on the throne in my retirement makes it even more memorable – long may she continue.



  1. ‘Yes I remember it well. She was all in Gold I was all in blue am I getting old’?
    Lovely memories Pat not a royalist as such (served 9 yrs in RAF) but something is there we watched the water procession and the concert both really well done as you say long may she reign.

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