Posted by: madkentdragon | June 11, 2012

A New Way To Conquer Europe?

So Spain’s been bailed out again with another loan! But suppose that instead of being Spain, the country, it was Spain the family – Mr & Mrs Spain and two little Spains who had, yet again gone for another “pay-day” loan!

Mr Spain had been working hard as a self employed builder, but the work had become a bit thin on the ground and Mrs Spain, who worked part time, had not had a wage rise for the last two years. That didn’t stop the bills coming in and little Billy and Mary still needed school uniforms and, of course, feeding.

When the last electricity bill came in, they had taken out a loan and had managed by scrimping and scraping to keep the payments up; but now another huge electricity bill had come in and this needed paying.

They had no choice but to borrow more money, payments made their budget even tighter – but they coped – just until Billy ruined his school shoes in a fight; there was no money to pay for a new pair. So a payment was missed on one of the loans and the shoes were bought and then Mr & Mrs Spain sat down that evening and discussed their problems.

They decided that they could not carry on cutting their budget and having an empty bank account all the time, would it be more sensible to go bankrupt? Having made enquiries, the Spains decided that their best option was to be declared bankrupt and live without the fear of all their debts.

Well that was one option that debt-burdened families can take, but a country can’t – unless you are Iceland! So what is Spain going to do? It can’t keep borrowing more and more and get further into debt.

Will it surrender its sovereignty and allow a United Europe to take over the reins and get it out of its mess? And will the same apply to Greece, Ireland and Portugal?

Hang on – do you see a pattern here? Ninety eight years ago, there was an attempt at making Europe one nation, but then they used bullets – will it now be achieved by using Euros instead of bullets?

You decide.



  1. I realise that some people still think that the Spanish are ‘Manana’ minded, but here in Catalunia they are hard working, the farmers up at first light and working till it starts to get dark. They are family orientated but as work is now hard to come by the young people are turning to helping on the family farms if there are any.

    I agree that the situation is not good but it really was a last ditch thing asking for help. These are proud people and would rather not ask but like the UK it is their money the banks have been loosing. Lets hope things work out, the unemployment situation here is dire but not unsurmountable.

    The recent forest fires have devistated some of the vineyards so some lives have been made harder, lets hope that this problem is soon rectified.

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