Posted by: madkentdragon | June 18, 2012

Greece, Reducing the Debt or the Population?

So Greece stays in the Euro, but at what cost? Will they ever be able to repay the money? Are they just postponing the obvious?

Each time the news does an article on Greece and the Euro, you get shown pictures of those queuing at soup kitchens and groceries being supplied by charities, there was even an oncologist say ing there was very little money for medicines. Are these the austerity measures demanded by those who travel by boat, plane and train and can afford three good meals a day too much for the populace?

Some are saying that they are receiving no wages or pensions, but how many people are affected by this?

Can we please have some facts and figures on the homeless, employed but receiving no wages, unemployed and receiving no money etc?

We all know Greece has been unable to collect taxes properly and we hear about corruption, so what’s being done about it?

So many questions, but how many answers can we find?

If people are without food, means of support or housing, how can the austerity procedures work?

If staying in the Euro and keeping to the bailout reduces debt, will it also reduce the population?

Would they have been better coming out of the Euro?



  1. Good points but personally I think Greece would be far better off out of the Euro

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