Posted by: madkentdragon | July 1, 2012


Back in the 1950s when I was growing up – yes, I’m old I know – there were certain people or professions that we always respected; the priest/vicar, the bank manager and the doctor. It wasn’t because they were better off or “posher” than us, but they were people that you hoped your kids would grow up to emulate – good solid respectable people – men of honour.

The vicar or priest in your average village – mainly CofE – was welcomed in for a cup of tea and listened to with respect; churches were not that full, but we all knew who he was and gave him respect accordingly. He may have had one too many sherries on occasion but certainly was not a child sex molester. Church was a dependable part of our life, if only for Easter, Christmas etc.

The bank manager was similarly respected, he was a solid individual who had worked his way through the ranks of counter staff to the high office of manager and was someone you could discuss your finances with and not be sold dodgy policies or see him retreat to the back office to gamble your money on casino-like high risk deals. He was more likely to advise you to invest in government savings bonds; loans were only for businesses or those who needed the extra money and could pay it back. Theft by staff ended up in police action, not excuses.

Mortgages were not that well known and were only offered for a percentage of your salary, not as it is now; anyway more people rented homes and rent was never so inflated that it exceeded 50% of the average man’s salary.

Hire purchase was discussed very carefully before being entered into – after all this meant that you owed money! There would always be those who thought that they could have it all, but it very rarely worked – and if your name went on a black list as a non-payer, you could never get credit again.

We had come out of the other side of a long war and it was nice to get back to normal, with a week’s holiday to the coast and a few days out appreciated – OK life was simple and was a darn sight easier. We knew we couldn’t have everything we wanted unless we saved for it and most had never heard of a credit card.

So why do we now want it all and want it all now? Why do the sins of churchmen do no more than raise a few eye-brows in most of the people? And why do illegal banking deals not end up with arrests and court cases?

Oh yes – and during this time we always saw our local bobby on his bike at least once a day, and did not find police stations closed and the man power numbers cut so drastically!



  1. Well said Pat but then people were not interested in making money from others misery and the then governments looked after the people

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