Posted by: madkentdragon | July 20, 2012

Worthy of Their Hire?

I think the biblical quote “And every labourer is worthy of his hire” could apply to so many situations in this life. Forgive me if I have misquoted, but the actual meaning of this is so true and I wish that all would abide by this.

G4S have taken on a contract which they have failed to fulfil – are they worthy of their hire? Did they earn the multi-million pound mega-payment that was offered – will they attempt to grab it?

I’ve got a great idea – why not pay them per member of staff that actually attends the games to work as proscribed by the contract; only 20 turn up – then only pay them for twenty. However, as their staff are only being offered a paltry amount, then the company should be paid that wage plus say 10% for providing someone who may or may not speak English and may or may not be fully trained. Fair? A Worthy Reward?

I also wonder if politicians are always worthy of their hire? What do you think? Too many personnel cut from the police and the army who are now expected to fill the gaps in the G4S fiasco at the Olympics – OK lads, get your burglary tools out, they are all guarding the Olympics!

Who will you blame if your are burgled, mugged or assaulted when your local cops have been shipped to sleep on camp beds and do security during the Olympics? That’s right, the politicians – Worthy of their Hire?

We all know that the military can be called up at a moment’s notice for national security – but this is the Olympics – and you’ve lost your holiday that you booked six months ago, time you were going to spend with your loved ones plus you are going to be made redundant – how would you feel?

You wouldn’t feel worthy of your hire, but you are – and much more so than your bosses – the politicians.

Now come on people who would you vote worth hiring – I mean at their current wages; the bosses at G4S, the politicians, the police or the military? I’m quite happy to see a tied first place!

I haven’t mentioned the border control staff, train drivers or others threatening to go on strike, but am quite happy to see your comments on those as well.

By the way, one part of the Olympic Torch route you haven’t seen is the cleaning up before and after the event – the route has been swept every day for at least a week before the event and the council cleaners in Maidstone started work at 5am this morning to clear up from last night’s celebrations and to ensure the start of the route for today in the middle of Maidstone was pristine. There is also another celebration this evening, so those cleaners won’t finish till 10pm tonight – and they don’t get paid politicians wages!


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