Posted by: madkentdragon | August 6, 2012

I’ll Take My Toys Home and Won’t Play Anymore.

Oh dear, the school boys are up in arms, “You won’t play my game – I won’t play yours”, the childishness of today’s announcement must have the Labour Party dancing with glee. They will think that it’s the downfall of the coalition; well I must admit it does look that way.

The problem is party politics, I’ve said it before and I’m saying it now – get Members of Parliament who represent the electorate, not kowtow to the party masters. It’s not just in this country either; Obama has the same problem with opposing parties in the majority in the other house.

In the UK, the back bench conservatives felt undermined by half the cabinet posts being taken by the lib-dems and have now revolted over  (to me) a minor bill to get their own back. The trouble is the coalition bumbles along with no real results and it’s frustrating the majority of the electorate who won’t even bother to vote at the next election.

Just imagine if a prospective candidate stood up and said “I am independent of all parties and will represent the people who live in my constituency”, the parties would go all out to stop him because if he wins – more may stand up and do the same. The political masters would lose their power and those who fund their election pots would have no influence.

Yes, that how it should be, but the political parties wield so much power that the interests of the ordinary citizen are not taken into account and so we all lose out.

How much longer can we endure the bully boy, tit for tat politics that encompass the House of Commons and will it bring this country to its knees – I do hope not.



  1. Once again you have hit the nail. This government not only has playground-bullying mentality but are also deaf to the needs of the country. As I have previously stated well done.

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