Posted by: madkentdragon | August 14, 2012

And Train Costs Go Up Again

So the train fares are going up again and people will have to dig deeper into their pockets to go and earn a salary. Pity that the common or garden worker’s salaries don’t go up by the same amount.

Whilst we read about the increases and bonuses of the privileged, Joe or Jane Bloggs may not have had a pay-rise in the last couple of years because of the economy, or if they have been lucky to have been awarded a small raise – it certainly won’t be the equivalent of the rail costs!

Those who already are only just managing to fork out the few thousand that a ticket will cost, have three choices:

  1. Get a credit card debt or loan to pay for the season ticket and slowly sink into debt.
  2. Look for a new job or attempt to sign on
  3. Move closer to work.

A lot of people will go for the first option and “borrow from Peter to pay Paul”, but what happens when the debt becomes unmanageable?

Looking for a new job is not that easy and people are clinging on to jobs for dear life and if you resign, will you be able to sign on at the job centre?

Moving closer to work is also fraught with difficulties, properties are more expensive, plus the cost of removal and will you be able to get a mortgage – or if you are renting, that cost, especially in London is prohibitive.

I do understand that the government cannot keep subsidizing rail travel, but now surely, is the time for the government – or a committee – to look at the rail travel expenditure and examine profits paid to shareholders and the top management’s salaries.

High cost travel on packed trains that frequently don’t run to time needs to be examined fully and train passengers must be able to have their say; why not hand out a questionnaire with each new season ticket?

If other countries can run their trains at lower costs, why can’t Britain?


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