Posted by: madkentdragon | August 22, 2012

Dear Government


Dear Government, 

On behalf of the British people, could I ask you all to go back to primary school to learn basic arithmetic – that’s if you have left any that can teach it?

You see, although you may be dealing in millions and billions, you have forgotten on simple concept; if you only have five pennies in your pocket you cannot spend sixpence.

You seem to have forgotten that a lot of us plebs have not had a real pay rise for several years and therefore we cannot spend so much, that is if we still have jobs – in which case the spending rate had diminished considerably.

So if us plebs cannot spend, the shops and other institutions will not be making their normally wondrous profits to pay large amount of tax on.

It’s all very well saying that we all have to live within our means and cut borrowing, but, as you forgot that if the plebs can’t spend, the big businesses lose money and you lose taxes, you are having to borrow more!

Time to change the tune, don’t you think – after all starvation leads to death and none of us want to see our economy die through lack of funds.

It’s time for plan B – oh I forgot you don’t have one do you – well try this….

Find all the unemployed builders and labourers and re-build all derelict or empty homes – and whilst you are about it convert all those empty factory, warehouse and shop units built in the booming 80s – that boom didn’t last long! – and convert them into low rent flats and houses. 

If you did that, all those who have to pay extortionate rent to private landlords will be paying more affordable rents; especially those who for one reason or another have to claim housing benefit. 

So now you have fully employed builders and labourers, and a few rent collectors – plus less housing benefit being paid; now don’t you think that will stop up one hole in your leaking pocket?

Finally, because I don’t want to tax your tiny brain too much, if you were to consult us plebs once in a while, you may find we do actually want to have a say – and we may have some good ideas that are too simple for your upper-crust brains.

Yours Sincerely







  1. Well said Pat

  2. Hey Britain, way to go.

    But remember the prim-minister does not think for himself, he’s under the thumb of the “I’ve got power nuts”, so is to busy gathering taxes to remain the big cheese – yep hes a mouse squeak squeak.

    No I have not lost my marbles I am not defending Cameron rather pointing out the obvious squeak.

    We are with you Britain.

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