Posted by: madkentdragon | August 29, 2012

What’s Going on with the NHS Trusts

Watching the local news last night, I was extremely worried to see that two local hospital trusts have had administrators (the local paper called them “Financial Hit Squads”) shipped in to see how they can save money, because their budgets are heavily in the red.

One of the main reasons, or should I say the main reason is the fact that there were new buildings put up under the Private Finance Initiative, which have to be paid for from their NHS budgets – and not as many assumed from Central Government.

The billions of pounds “mortgaged” to the hospital trusts to build these fantastic new edifices are being repaid to the tune of at least one million pounds per month – remember this is coming out of the money used to run these hospitals!

Dartford has struggled to make the repayments, last year it spent twenty-five million paying back money to the stakeholders; this was 16% of its income. Apparently, the amount paid back has already covered the cost of the buildings, but it is the interest – which no one told us about – which is causing the problem.

It begs the question – how much interest are they paying and to whom?

Another NHS Trust, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust signed a PFI deal to build a hospital at Pembury; the actual cost of the build is £228,000,000 – but with interest the Trust will pay back a total of £612,000,000 over the next 30 years!

In the meantime, another hospital in the Trust, Maidstone Hospital, which was only built about 35-40 years ago is being downgraded because the Trust can’t afford to keep full services available in both, even though there has been a huge population explosion.

I am disgusted by this turn of events and want to ask you to consider the following:

Why did the Labour Government think this was such a good idea?

Why haven’t the Conservative/LibDem government helped the Trusts out?

How many other Trusts are in this situation?

Who is profiting from public money whilst hospitals cut services and close A&E departments?

Is this a back-door to privatisation?

Info from this story came from BBC South East and Kent on Line.



  1. Once again a hard hitting blog. I cannot answer why labour went for this but what I can say is that this government could have if they really wanted to sort out the interest but I suppose this would mean that they would have upset their rich friends you know the ones who give sorry donate money to them cant have that can we and yes it is the back door and its wide open we shall soon be like the USA if we cant pay we die. this is taking away our civil and legal rights where health is concerned keep up the good work well done

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