Posted by: madkentdragon | September 5, 2012

Booing At The Games

Although I think it’s bad sportsmanship to boo the medal presenters at the wonderful Paralympics, I can fully understand why the politicians are being subjected to this.

Many people are so frustrated by the apparent ignoring of the general public’s opinion that they feel the only way to make their opinions known is by booing them at public events. Many of the audience are disabled and will have to suffer the indignities of ATOS and how else can they tell the government what they think.

The example has been set by the politicians who sit in the House of Commons and cat-call their opposite numbers during Prime Minister’s Question Time. Therefore politicians, set a better example please! Or you will continue to hear the same thrown back at you.

Incidentally, I note that Sir John Major didn’t have to suffer the indignity, which should surely tell the current politicians something.



  1. I so agree, it is a sing of the way people feel, and as for John Major well the conservatives shot themselves in the foot there he was a man of the people from the people – oh my god listen to me I’m actually standing up for a conservative – thats how good this blog is

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