Posted by: madkentdragon | September 5, 2012

Dear Boris, look at Manston Airport

Dear Boris,

Will you please stop trying to build an airport where it’s not wanted and will cost more money than I could ever imagine.

Instead, cast your eyes slightly further afield to the Isle of Thanet, yes, I know the area is run down and is an employment black spot, but it does have a fully functional and underused airport, which would only require a couple of telephone number’s worth of cash thrown at it to make it an all singing, all dancing first class airport.

So, sorry it won’t have your name on it, but the A299 is an excellent link road to the M20 and M25 and will get passengers to London in no time. Of course, you could have a “Boris Catamaran” service from Ramsgate straight up the Thames to London, if you wanted to be innovative! There is a ferry terminal at Ramsgate which would be ideal for this purpose.

At the moment Manston reminds me of Jerez airport, but that airport works very well and with one tenth of the other costs it could be upgraded and also provide employment to one of the UK’s worst employment black spots.

With the people of Planet Thanet then having more money to spend, those neglected derelict shops that Mary Quantas is trying to revitalise would be opening to supply new needs. Surely this would result in providing answers to some of the government’s problems?

Manston would be the safer option as there are no gas tanks to be shifted, don’t forget that tankers dock at the Isle of Grain and discharge their full loads of liquid propane gas into these tanks – a tad dangerous? And if that wasn’t enough, what would you do about the SS Richard Montgomery that sunk during the second World War and is laying at the bottom of the sea in the Thames Estuary, full of unexploded ordnance which could explode if disturbed too much.

That wreck is monitored by radar and other means, being designated as a dangerous wreck and if your island or the means used to build it disturbed the wreck, the majority of the surrounding Kent and Essex countryside could be destroyed along with towns such as Sheerness.

So come on Boris and Dave take the blinkers off and look at Manston.


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