Posted by: madkentdragon | September 13, 2012

No Nuclear Dump on Romney Marsh

So now there’s talk of a nuclear dump being built under Romney Marsh! I know we have nuclear power stations at Dungeness, although one is already decommissioned and the other is due to be soon; yes I know that will cause more unemployment and I’m probably sounding a bit like a NIMBY – but if you are going to ruin one of the few remaining unspoilt parts of Kent, can’t you put it where the power stations are rather than elsewhere on the Marsh?

Yes, I’m trying to protect Kent, Boris wants to build an airport on one strip of marshland, we have a few motorways, M2, M20, M25 and M26 built across the county and over 50% of our orchards and hop gardens are now housing estates or half empty industrial estates.

We lost the “Garden of England” description to Yorkshire, have high-speed rail lines that a lot of us can’t afford to use scarring the countryside and quarrying in one our few remaining woodlands, don’t you think we are allowed to be fed up with it all?

This nuclear waste will still be active for thousands of years, and how many tourists will no longer come to the area for fear of contamination? The area relies on tourism and has caravanning and camping sites scattered across the area between the pretty little villages and quirky churches.

If the area is unsuitable for a further nuclear power station, how can it be suitable to dump nuclear waste – and what will happen to the farmers who pasture their sheep there during the summer – and the sheep!

Who will want to buy meat or wool from sheep grazing near a nuclear dump?

Yes, I’m a NIMBY, but it’s time Kent was left alone to enjoy the countryside that is left after the losses of the last 50years.

No nuclear dump on the Marsh.



  1. NIMBY NIMBY you stay a NIMBY.

    Here we have mountains all around with leadmines where they put our nuclear waste, nice deep LEAD encrusted mines so why cant they use the disused ones in the UK? No its not impossible and lead mines are perfect.

    But as you so rightly say Kent was the garden of England, but they seem to be hell bent on destroying England.

    I dont know what the answer is only that they should place Boris in there at the same time. That twat is only out to make a name for himself.

    Hey a thought! they could always put that waste in with the rest of it, plenty of room in Westminster..

    Come on Boris what say you to that????…..

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