Posted by: madkentdragon | October 6, 2012

Feet of Clay

The recent furore about celebrities who have traded on their status to try and get away with illegal acts and, in one case apply for a super injunction to keep his name from being associated with Savile and his ilk has made me want to write about the cult of celebrity.

I know I have written about this before, but I feel it needs to be expressed again:

A celebrity is someone who should be celebrated for doing an inspiring deed, in the past people would celebrate Nelson, Wellington and Winston Churchill – but now it seems to be anyone who has their name in the paper for anything from being a footballer’s mistress, someone who traded on her inflated bosom and a TV person who seem to have beaten up his girlfriend.

Now come on people – what is there to celebrate about these nonentities? Have they saved life under fire and been mentioned in despatches or been awarded a bravery medal or rescued residents from a burning building or even climbed Mount Everest?

Surely these people are those who should be celebrated, put any of the so called celebrities in any of those situations and they would probably scream for their mum! Or even trade on their status to keep people quiet about their acts.

Tell me, who do you admire a cocaine sniffing pop star or those emergency service personnel who have been out all hours and in all weathers to find the missing April Jones, I know who I would choose.

We’ve just seen the sad funerals of two young women who were cruelly shot performing their duty – they never claimed celebrity status, but who would you prefer your children to admire? The two policewomen or some woman who has made herself famous for frequently falling out of a nightclub drunk?

So lets remember that those who promote themselves to be your idols often have feet of clay, but real celebrities don’t aspire to fame but get on with the job quietly and make no fuss.



  1. Hi P,
    What you write is so true, and it happens all too often in our society. One only needs to look at a certain duo beginning with a J, to see how much of a joke some, not all of our celebrities really are.
    Lets promote more of the unsung heroes of Great Britian
    Apprenticeships life

  2. Well you’ve hit it again well done.

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